MBA in USA for Indian Students

MBA in USA for Indian Students

Pursuing MBA from a foreign country has become a trend nowadays. Also, many business schools in the country offer an international exchange in MBA. Thus, it has become essential to have international experience added to your resume for better opportunities. So if this MBA is done in the world’s single largest national economy, then it will greatly impact your career. Yes! I am talking about the USA. It is the only country in the world with more than 51 out of the top 100 global accredited MBA institutes according to Financial Times. Hence, an MBA in USA for Indian students must be at the top of their list. 

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Why an MBA in USA for Indian Students

According to the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), there is a 70% increase in the salary of a person post MBA. Hence, if you want to grow in your career you need to opt for MBA. In case you are wondering that the MBA is a two-year dedication, then the USA has varied options for you. Also, the best thing about studying in the USA is flexibility in studies. You can choose any of the full-time or part-time MBA courses that suit your need. Additionally, the number of specialisations available in the USA is comparable to none. Further, if you want to settle in the USA and find jobs then going through MBA is an excellent option as many of the recruiters prefer students from the USA abroad

The quality of education, the top institutes, the internships, and various programs, the diverse university atmosphere, the international experience, and lastly, the beauty of the USA makes it all worth investing your time in MBA in the USA. Without further ado let’s check out the different types of MBA in the USA. 

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Types of MBA in USA

Though in India the most common and only MBA is a full time 2 years MBA, while in the USA we have the following. 

A full-time MBA, its duration is 2 years. In the first-year students are introduced to core business subject and it is common for all, while in the second year they can choose a specialisation. Meanwhile, in between, they have an internship for hands-on experience. This particular MBA requires complete dedication and concentration. 

A part-time MBA can take longer than a full-time MBA as the classes are only conducted during the weekends. Further, it is the best option for working candidates. However, the syllabus to be covered is the same as the full-time MBA and hence the time duration can increase from 2 years to even 4 years. 

Accelerated MBA, this one only covers the major important topics from core and specialisation. It is a rushed MBA program that may take only a year to 18 months. It is best to fit for persons with business experience and knowledge, so you don’t have to sit in the class and waste your time on what you already know. 

Executive MBA, again this MBA in the USA is typically for people of the higher post in the organisation such as managers. This MBA grants leadership, communication, and teamwork skills and are designed to build an executive manager. It is the best option for people with a job and looking for growth in their careers. Meanwhile, an executive MBA can also be sponsored by the company you are working in so that will save you from paying the fee. 

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Eligibility for MBA in USA for Indian students 

The eligibility criteria for MBA in USA for Indian students are listed below:

  • A bachelor’s degree with a GPA of 3.5 to 4.0 and above. It is not compulsory to have a business-related bachelor’s degree in MBA in the USA. Hence, engineering, medical and even science students can apply for an MBA. 
  • Work experience of a minimum of 2 to 4 years, but it largely depends on the business school. Additionally, they may ask for 6 to 8 years of experience based on the type of MBA you are choosing. 
  • GMAT score needs to be directly sent to the business school. 
  • Recommendation letters and MBA essays or statements of purpose. These are compulsory irrespective of the business school there should be a minimum of two letters of recommendation and one essay. 

Once you submit all the required documents, if you are shortlisted you may be asked for a personal interview.  

Visa for MBA in USA 

As an international student, you need to apply for an appropriate visa to study in the USA. Hence, the F1 visa is applicable for full-time study in the USA. 

You need to fill the Ds-160 application form online and pay the F1 application fee that is $160. Then you need to attach the I-20 form issued by the school. Along with the required documents you need to submit your passport and the two forms. Then you will be called for a visa interview and if all goes well you will have your passport with visa stamped on it in no time. 

Top universities for MBA in USA 

Here is a list of the top universities and business schools in the USA for MBA along with the global rank and the fee of the program. 

S. No.Name of the UniversityCourse Fee ($)Rank by FT for global MBA
1Harvard University150,0001
2University of Pennsylvania, Wharton162,0002
3Stanford Graduate school of Business150,0003
4Columbia Business school155,0008
5University Chicago-Booth144,00010
6North-western University- Kellogg’s  175,00011
7U C Berkeley130,00012
8Yale School of Management150,00014

We have mentioned the reasons to study MBA in USA for Indian students, types of MBA in the USA, the eligibility criteria, and visa process along with the top universities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is an MBA in the United States beneficial for Indian students?

Ans. MBA programs in the United States are quite popular in Indian aspirants. To be admitted to an MBA program, candidates must have a bachelor’s degree with 3.5 GPA or above. Candidates having a bachelor’s degree in any discipline can also enrol for an MBA in USA.

Q2. What test is necessary for Indian students seeking an MBA in the United States?

Ans. The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is among the most crucial components for students wishing to pursue an MBA in the United States. To gain admission to the MBA program in the United States, applicants must have a high GMAT score.

Q3. Q3. Is the GMAT required for MBA programmes in the United States?

Ans. Yes, the GMAT is required for admission to an MBA programme in the United States. However, If you have relevant job experience, you may be able to pursue an MBA in the United States without taking the GMAT.

Q4. Can I obtain a scholarship for pursuing an MBA in the United States?

Ans. Fortunately, Indian students can apply for scholarship programs for MBA in the United States, which would cover the cost of their MBA graduate program. Various institutions in the United States provide MBA scholarships to outstanding students so that they can complete their university courses without worrying about expenses.

Q5. What is the scope of MBA in the United States?

Ans. MBA Human Resource masters in the United States are generally involved in the planning, integration, and direction of an organization’s administrative duties.