MBBS in Central America : Is it worth it?

MBBS in Central America : Is it worth it?

MBBS in Central America is widely popular among Indian students. So, Why is that? What are the reasons that the medical aspirants dream of studying MBBS in Central America?

Central America is one of the developed nations in the world. It is known for providing world-class education in the field of medicine.

Further, the institutions are accredited by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and India’s Medical Council (MCI).

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What are the factors that make MBBS in Central America unique?

Following are the factors that make studying MBBS in Central America unique :

  • Lower tuition fees
  • Advanced curriculum
  • High-quality education, theoretical as well as a practical approach
  • Latest equipment and advanced research facilities
  • World-class infrastructure
  • High professionalism
  • Global medical training
  • Compared to other universities, enrollment is easy.
  • Availability of Indian food
  • Easy accommodation services
  • Do your PhD from abroad

Once you obtain your MBBS degree from Central America, then you will be a valued physician anywhere in the world.

For instance, the students who complete their MBBS in central America can start practising in India without an MCI screening test after post-graduation. Advantageous, Isn’t it?

Top Universities to Consider

1. Central America Health Sciences University

Located in Belize City, the CAHSU has an advanced curriculum patterned after US medical programs. Moreover, the university ensures that its students get a high-quality education that makes them a perfect fit in the competitive job market. Finally, on completing the basic sciences programs, students are given the opportunity for clinical rotations in the United States Of America, the United Kingdom, Mexico and Belize.

Note: Clinical rotation is when medical students spend time as members of a medical team to learn what is involved with each medical speciality.

Course Duration: 4 Years (12 Semester) and 1-year Internship for licensing requirements.

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2. Columbus Central University School of Medicine

One of the finest universities available to study MBBS in Belize. Besides, the university is worth considering with its well-rounded education and high-class infrastructure. Intended to create a new medical education model, it is also one of the top medical schools.

Furthermore, it has a unique approach to teaching, which embraces new learning techniques and teaching methods.

Course Duration: 4 and a half years

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3. Avalon University

With advanced laboratories and problem-based learning, the university has made a name for itself. The curriculum includes Evidence-Based Medicine, which allows the students to be more involved in medical research during their medical study. Located on the island of Curacao, the university is known for a personalised education experience.

Course Duration: 4.6 years

  • Do your PhD from abroad

Do I need to take any entrance examination?

Yes, you need to qualify for NEET, MCAT and SAT as per the university requirements. Some universities do not have any entrance examinations but have specific eligibility criteria for you to be selected.

Most importantly, Central America has, in the last 40 years, developed into a medical education hub for international students because of its advanced curriculum and global medical training. The universities have their clinical sites in the USA, Canada, UK and many more to give practical, broad education to the medical students.


In conclusion, A student who puts a lot of hard work to get into a medical school aspires to be in a top medical school to strengthen the career prospects. If you complete your MBBS from the top medical schools, there are greater chances of you working anywhere in the world as a reputed physician.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How can I become a student at Central America Health Sciences University?

Ans. Admission to Central America Health Sciences University is simple. There is no requirement for candidates to take an admission exam. However, candidates must pass the NEET test administered by the National Testing Agency.

Q2. Which country has the most value MBBS degree?

Ans. Because of its minimal price, Kyrgyzstan has been the most popular nation among top selections for studying MBBS in overseas. The cost of schooling in Kyrgyzstan ranges between 12 and 18 lakhs. The level of medical education provided at Kyrgyzstan’s colleges is similar to many European norms.

Q3. Which nation provides MBBS without the NEET?

Ans. Russia, China, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Denmark are among examples of nations where MBBS is not required.

Q4. Is it preferable to study medicine in India or abroad? Ans. The infrastructure of the foreign medical university is significantly superior than that of Indian medical institutions. It comprises the necessary equipment, a laboratory, and sufficient space for experimentation and study.  Degrees obtained from foreign medical universities are recognised by the MCI (Medical Council of India).

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