MEM in Europe (except Germany) and the job opportunities

MEM in Europe (except Germany) and the job opportunities

Want to know more about the MEM program in Europe (except Germany) and what job opportunities you can get? Are you wondering if you can achieve a good education in Europe? And are you among those who want to study in the most beautiful country? Then this article is for you. Yes! You will get all your answers by reading this blog till the end.

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Study in Europe

Europe is no doubt a wonderful country that welcomes students from all around the world. It has become a popular educational destination for international students who wish to study for higher degrees. In addition to this, the countries of Europe have many scholarships to ease the study burden.

These facilities, such as high-quality education, accommodation, scholarships, beautiful infrastructure, and many facilities, make it a perfect fit for studies.

In this blog, we will be discussing the job opportunities you can get after studying MEM in Europe (except Germany).

MEM Degree – What Is It?

This paragraph will give you insights into the MEM degree and what job profiles you can apply to.

MEM stands for Masters in Engineering Management. This program aims to teach students the skills of Management. It combines knowledge of their engineering subject with management skills so that a student can achieve the required skills to stand in companies. The fresh Engineering graduates who want to gain knowledge of the management field take up this course.

Also, it helps a student to get a job right after completing the course as a student now develops the necessary communication and leadership qualities.

MBA in Europe for Indian Students – Top Options in Post-Covid World

Careers and job opportunities with MEM:

A MEM graduate can get access to multiple job profiles such as Product Manager, Data analytics, Quality control, Product Engineer, Industrial manager. These are some significant sectors where a student can get a job.

Requirements for MEM

  1. A Bachelor’s degree in Engineering with good academic grades
  2. TOEFL/IELTS to prove your English speaking skills

Other requirements, if they can be accessed from University websites

MEM in Europe and Job Opportunities

Many universities in Europe offer MEM degrees. The job opportunities/sectors that come with them are mentioned on their respective websites.

Here, we provide some colleges/universities with their job profiles after MEM. This list of universities will help you choose the best university and career.

Universities in Europe for MEM and Job Sectors

  1. University of Gloucestershire, UK – After getting a MEM degree from this university, a student can become an industrial engineer, Industrial Manager, or Academic Researcher. Read more for information.
  2. Brunel University, London – The jobs after the MEM degree here are manufacturing, Government sectors, and more. Read here.
  3. University of Groningen, Netherlands, offers a MEM degree in Industrial Engineering and Management. The job profiles after a MEM degree are Product Manager, Process Designer, etc. Visit here.
  4. University of East London – The degree is in Construction Engineering Management. A student can get into jobs such as Supply chain Manager, Product Manager, area of Construction, and much more.
  5. The University of Dundee- offers a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering & Management. A student can apply for jobs like Development Engineer, Performance Engineer, Industrial Engineer, etc.
  6. Audencia Business School – This university offers MEM and makes students grab Agribusiness, Banking, Automobiles, and Consulting jobs. More information is available here.


  • In conclusion, Europe is an excellent option to study abroad. It offers a great education, and some Universities charge affordable fees.
  • Moreover, there are many scholarships available for international students.
  • If you are a fresh graduate who wants to grow in the Management field, the MEM from Europe is good.

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