MiM in Germany- Job opportunities

MiM in Germany- Job opportunities

This article will give you insights into MiM in Germany and the job opportunities.

MiM or Master’s in Management is gaining massive popularity as one of the finest courses a student can take. This program gives a student the knowledge and skills in the Management field.

It attracts many students worldwide, and many countries include this program in their Master’s curricula. Germany is one such country. Many aspirants come to study this program because of the job opportunities.

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Germany for Education

Germany is one of the most beautiful countries with great cultural values and infrastructure. It is often called the “Land of poets and thinkers.” It is the leading country in books and cars production. In addition to this, the employment rate in Germany is very high, and it builds up great performers via its education system.

The education cost for students is free or very low in most German universities. So it is a perfect choice for students who cannot afford high tuition costs but want to gain the best education. Also, the universities offer a range of courses to choose from in both English and German language.

MiM in Germany

A Master’s in Management or a MiM degree makes a student aware of the management field while also giving job opportunities to freshers. As a result, many fresh graduates are now going with a MiM degree rather than an MBA. Along with many countries like the USA and Canada, Germany offers MiM degrees in their universities.

Only 6-7 universities in Germany offer this program, but all come in higher rankings according to QS Ranking 2022.

Universities for MiM in Germany

Here is the list of Universities with MiM degrees-

  1. WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management: A 21-month full-time course in the English language
  2. TUM School of Management: A four-semester program in English
  3. University of Mannheim Business School
  4. Frankfurt School of Finance and Management: A four-semester program in the English language
  5. ESMT, Berlin: A two-year program in English with Internships and Projects
  6. HHL Graduate School of Management: Offers this program in the English language with 21-24 months duration

Technical Universities in Germany

MiM Germany – Job opportunities

After getting a MiM degree from Germany, students prefer to stay there and earn because of the visa policy of Germany, which allows them for 18 months of the additional period after graduation.

There are many job opportunities after the degree with significant growth in the Consultancy field, mainly in the Technology industry. After this, the employment can be seen in Banking and Finance > Industry and Services > Start-up. Besides these, a person can take up a job as a Human Resource Manager, Sales Manager, Project Manager, Business Development Manager, etc.

According to the career page of universities, the average salary in Germany after a MiM degree starts from 53,000 EUR, which can be increased with an additional bonus. Moreover, big companies like Amazon, Accenture, Adidas, etc., come for recruitment.

Salary Range

The average annual salary after a MiM degree can range from university to university. For instance, EUR 62,300 (WHU School), EUR 69,644 (HHL School), EUR 54,00 (ESMT), EUR 53,400 (Frankfurt School). These salaries can be increased with a bonus.


In conclusion, Germany is one of the best study destinations for international students:

  1. It offers low or nil tuition fees.
  2. The universities are ranked among the top universities in the world.
  3. Many diverse courses are there in the universities.
  4. The employment rate is high, and fresh graduates can land great jobs.

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