MIM Curriculum – What you need to know?

MIM Curriculum – What you need to know?

MIM Curriculum – What you need to know?

The Masters of Management (MIM) is a one or two-year program designed for graduates or early career professionals looking to step into Management Consulting, Investment Banking, Marketing, Accounting, or Finance. In this course, fresh graduates or professionals with less experience can gain a foundation in various concepts, including structural business concepts. But before we start, you can get a hold of the many reasons as to why UK should be your next management destination, in spite of the MIM curriculum being a tough one.

The MIM curriculum is designed in such a way that it not only teaches you the basic principles of management but also engages you in real-life business case studies. The course covers a broad range of topics – economics, accounting, organizational theory, leadership, and much more – which gives a deep analysis of how organizations and markets work and how the business operates.

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The MIM program provides well-rounded training in critical thinking, management skills, analytical & numerical skills, communication & more. With a wide range of electives & optionals present, the program is academically rigorous, thereby adding value to your resume.


This module covers corporate financial decision-making at an advanced level. It provides an overview of corporate investment policy and company valuation, financing decisions and capital structure, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, external financing at different stages of a firm’s life cycle, and recent phenomena in corporate financial innovation.

Competitive and Corporate Strategy

The central question of strategic management is how to enhance the performance of the firm. This module will explore a variety of issues that confront managers as they strive to enhance the performance of their firms. Some issues include: defining what the firm does, who the relevant competitors are, how the firm can try to gain an edge over its competitors, and whether and how the firm can try to retain that edge over time. To do so, you will examine both business-level and corporate strategy topics, including industry analysis, analysis of a firm’s competitive advantages, diversification and international expansion.

Decision Analytics

This module introduces you to the art of modelling, analysis and interpretation of data and optimization using Excel. Emphasis is on practical applications and intuition and understanding. The module will also serve as an introduction to a number of business models and problems that will be covered in later courses in depth.


The aim of this module is to show you how to systematically model firms’ behaviours and their effects, and to demonstrate the evidence available on a range of topics.  This area of economics, often referred to as industrial economics, makes heavy use of game theory.  Prominent topics include the effect of market concentration on firms’ profitability, the impact of barriers to entry and strategies to create them, advertising, research and development, vertical integration and network effects.  The module will present examples of the way in which globalization and the rise of intangible investments (software and intellectual property) are changing the environment for firms, and how they are responding.

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Financial Management

This module aims to contribute to the development of your managerial potential by providing you with a solid foundation in accounting and finance. The module will equip you with the techniques of financial and management accounting as well as the foundation of financial theory needed to support management evaluation, financial decision-making and investment practice. As no business operates in isolation from the financial markets, the module will cover the key principles of accounting, corporate finance, financial markets, and the interaction between them.


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