MSc In Computer Science

MSc In Computer Science

Computer Science is a fascinating field, especially for the young. If you are passionate about technology, then MSc Computer Science can be a suitable option for you. It has become one of the popular choices amongst students because of its key elements such as data analytics, software programming and development, network architecture, database design, and applied communication.   Generally, the degree duration is between 1.5 – 2 years, but some universities may vary. This blog aims to provide a guide to the MSc in Computer Science.

If you had a keen interest in computers and want to deepen your knowledge and understanding, then MSc Computer Science can be a perfect course.  The higher-level techniques and methodologies required in applying domains like Graphics, Computer Security and Visualization are taught in this course. Furthermore, it also covers diverse theories and practices of the same field. Many subjects will be introduced throughout the course, which will impart extensive knowledge and equip them with the necessary industry-relevant skills.

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List of subjects in MSc

  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • High-Performance Computing
  • Fundamental Data Structure
  • Operating Systems and Networks
  • Algorithms and Theory of Computing
  • Design and Implementation of Artificial Intelligence

MSc Computer Science: Specialization Courses

Under this broad domain, there are various specialisations from which you can opt for. The curriculum of these programs prepares students for working in multiple industries. Here are some popular disciplines available under the MSc Computer Science course:

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Human-Computer Interaction

This course aims to impart knowledge that can be used to make technology efficient and develop products that integrate human-computer interactions — techniques such as computer graphics, operating systems, programming languages, and cognitive linguistics psychology from the core elements of this course.

Artificial Intelligence

Topics such as Symbolic logic, applied mathematics, social intelligence and semiotics, philosophy of mind, neurophysiology and electrical engineering fall under this course. Thus, pursuing a career in Artificial Intelligence, which involves automating complex real-world tasks, has immense prospects.


One of the popular course of computer science is Robotics. This course involves creating devices through codings and algorithms which can be widely used in various industries and factories to perform complex tasks with high precision.

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Computer Graphics

If you are fond of subjects like mathematics, physics, light material, data storage, etc., this course could be the one for you.  This course provides you with the skill, knowledge to club visual effects and geometrical information to generate an image.

Other than the courses mentioned above, there are some other courses of MSc Computer Science:

  • Machine Learning
  • Cloud Computing  
  • Software Theory and Data Engineering
  • Cyber Security
  • Data Science and Analysis
  • Biocomputation

MSc Computer Science: Eligibility Criteria

There are specific eligibility criteria for Students aspiring for this course., listed below are the major prerequisites for enrolling into an MSc Computer Science program:

  • The candidate must have completed the primary schooling of 10+2 from a recognised board.
  • While some universities demand a graduate degree from similar fields like BSc Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics, Electronics, Statistics, ICT, others accept the candidates from any area.
  • If you plan to go abroad for the degree, then a valid English language proficiency test score like TOEFL/IELTS.

Best Universities offering MSc Computer Science

With the growing demand for professional courses like MSc Computer Science, Many universities worldwide are now offering this degree program. Listed below are the top universities offering this course :

MSc Computer Science: Career

With the increasing demand and dependence on technology, the need for trained computer science professionals has seen an increase. Thus, the career options for an MSc Computer Science graduate are vast. A few of the Career options are mentioned below:

Top 10 Universities for Computer Science

Multimedia Programmer

A multimedia programmer’s responsibility will be to put technical skills to design multimedia computer products, compose sounds, create graphics, do 2D or 3D modelling, animation, digital photography, and animation.

Games Developer

The role involves the designing of games and experimenting with the art, storyboarding and animations. The candidates can master the basic knowledge required to pursue the field through MSc Computer Science.

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Cyber Security Consultant

The role involves identifying, analysing, and understanding cyber threats to secure personal information and data. You will be expected to examine the security issues and look for possible ways to solve them.

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Important FAQs

1. What is the scope after MSc Computer Science?

There are diverse ranges of career options available after MSc Computer science. Once you attain this degree, you can easily earn job profiles like Computer System Analyst, Software Consultant, Computer Engineer, Computer Network Architect, etc.

2. Which field of computer science is in demand?

There are various fields in computer science. Some of the most popular ones are Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Biocomputing, etc.

3. Is computer science in demand?

Yes, graduates and professionals of computer science are in high demand due rapidly increasing scope of the field.