Prepare for the First Year at Foreign University

Prepare for the First Year at Foreign University

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Are you well prepared for your first year at your dream foreign university?

Does your checklist have all the required things to make your stay smooth in a foreign land?

If not, probably this is the best time to do so.

The prevailing belief says that you must feel relaxed and confident about your study abroad adventure with the letter of acceptance in your hand. With advice and suggestions pouring in from your friends and family, the whole studying abroad venture should go as per the plan.

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But do you actually have it all figured out?

Probably not, because there is more to the story!

Loan, accommodation, credit cards, flight tickets, sim card, and travel insurance, the list is long, and there are many confusions. Even if you have researched how to migrate successfully for foreign university, the real problems are hardly solved by brochures, reviews, and instructions you have read. Imagine how less the hassle would be with a specialized post-admission partner who can care for all your needs and make your first year at your dream university an ideal stay.

Here is a checklist you need to know while preparing for your study abroad adventure.

Buy Your Flight Tickets Three Months in Advance

Purchasing your plane tickets way too early or at the last moment can cost you a big amount. The ideal time to purchase the flight ticket is three months prior to your departure. It is when the flight tickets are usually cheaper, and you can save your money for other significant things.

Get the Credit cards and SIM Card Beforehand

One of the biggest frustrations you will encounter in the initial days of studying abroad is getting bank-related tasks done. If not completed prior, the state of confusion will take up most of your time and increase your troubles. Imagine struggling with your credit card or ATM card declination; it is a nightmare while trying to settle in a foreign land. Getting in long queues for cash is not how you have envisaged your initial year. Getting credit cards and SIM cards beforehand is as important as getting accommodation.

Explore Your Options Before Deciding on Accommodation

You might get several housing options when you migrate to another country. From your dream university’s hostel to shared apartments, the options are plenty. Having limited knowledge and guidance can land you in a locality that does not match your preferences and even cost you more than you can afford. Reaching out to the right service providers is important to get the best accommodation deal. Do not forget to explore all the great options before deciding on your accommodation.

Get Yourself a Medical Cover with a Health Insurance

International students must get health insurance while studying abroad. Choosing the right plan and provider is substantial. Medical emergencies never come announced, and when they come, you must be well prepared to bear the expenses they bring along. An insurance provider that can provide real-time claims and assistance is all you need in a foreign land. So, choose your health insurance plan and service provider wisely to make your stay smooth.

Get Ready to be a Part of Cultural Mosaic

When all the important things are well taken care of, you can simply feel the excitement of experiencing the great cultural mash-up. Research a little about the cultural norms of the country you are traveling to. Knowing about the lifestyle and people will help you mingle better.

Taking care of a few things beforehand actually minimizes the hassle when you get there. However, the question seems legit if you can find all these services under one roof.

Yes, you can!

Don’t be flabbergasted!

You can avail overseas education ancillary services free of cost at ForeignAdmits.

One-stop Solution for All Your Foreign University Education Requirements

ForeignAdmits offers premium ancillary services to support you in the post-admission phase and even in your initial days at your foreign university. From getting your GIC done to help you procure an education loan, we stay beside you at every step. We can help you get-

  • Education loans at the best interest rates
  • Credit cards and SIM cards
  • Offers on flight tickets
  • Best accommodation deals
  • Best medical insurance cover
  • Forex services and much more

Do you know you can get ₹5,000 off on your flight ticket if you get the GIC done with us?

Yes, that’s true!

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We provide step-by-step real-time assistance in the GIC process. You can track the progress at any time you want. Whether it’s about your GIC getting done or education loan procurement, we maintain full transparency. When you recommend us to your friend for GIC insurance, you and your friend get CAD 25 on fruitful reference. We link you to the best accommodation providers and help you get the best deals at the most affordable prices. Whether insurance, loan, or accommodation, we connect you to multiple service providers and provide you with the best deals.

Now when you have got your checklist for a stress-free first year at your dream foreign university, let us help you get there hassle-free. Make the best of our free-of-cost ancillary services and contact us to know more.