Institute of Science and Technology (IST) Austria

Institute of Science and Technology (IST) Austria

Just imagine how magnificent your view would be if you pursue your doctoral degree in Austria. Austria is an country in the heart of Europe with one of the most spectacular visuals of mother nature you have ever seen! The highest temperature there is 26 degrees and on average, it is only 3 degrees. 

Moreover, if you have always dreamt of pursuing your PhD degree from a foreign university, your search for one of the best universities ends here with IST Austria.

Institute of Science and Technology or IST Austria is one of the most premium institutions of Education in Austria. It is a young institute dedicatedly working in the fields of scientific excellence for graduation and Ph.D. levels of education. Moreover, in the years of its existence, IST Austria has dedicatedly catered to young research students to pursue their doctoral careers in natural and mathematical sciences. 

You will receive a world-class faculty with very high academic standards with IST Austria. On top of that, IST Austria aims to impart education with integrity, equality, and to all no matter the cultural and ethnic differences. The PhD program at IST, Austria is where you will receive graduate school experience. 

What makes IST Austria special?

First of all, the best part is that all research programs work in conglomeration with each other and help to grow equally. With the collaboration of teachers and students, there are at least 242 research papers already submitted and uploaded on their website. Secondly, the scientists at IST, Austria has been awarded fellowships from prestigious organizations including – DOC fellowships from the Austrian Academy of Science, Böhringer Ingelheim Foundation fellowships, IBM Ph.D. Fellowship, FEMTech Stipends of the FFG, and IST internships which are internally funded. 

A very special part of their programs is the support scientists get from Scientific Service Units or SSUs. IST Austria hosts the following SSUs – 

  • Bioimaging Facility
  • Electron Microscopy Facility
  • Library
  • Life Sciences Facility
  • Miba Machine Shop
  • Nanofabrication Facility
  • Preclinical Facility
  • Scientific Computing

A very important part of all the research-based curriculums is the idea of “rotation”. This means that students will be required to take part in various research groups, one after the other, defined by a particular time period. Moreover, IST Austria believes that this methodology will be helpful in developing creating cross-disciplinary skill sets. 

Now let us take a look at the Ph.D. program and various aspects of it. The entire Ph.D. program at IST Austria is primarily divided into two parts – 

First Phase

The first phase is about 1 – 2 years in length. This part involves 5 rotations amongst the affiliated research groups. Out of these 5 rotations, 2 are optional. First of all, the Core requirement of affiliated research groups is 12 ECTS credits. So far as Electives are concerned you will have to score somewhere between 12 to 24 ECTS points. Needless to mention there are provisions for optional courses. Therefore, you need to pass the qualifying exam at the end of the entire Phase-I as well as score the minimum credit points. 

Second Phase

The second phase roughly comprises another 2 years. This part involves Ph.D. thesis research, teaching as TA, and regular progress reviews i.e., every six months. 

IST Internships

The IST Austria also provides for scientific internships all year round. Firstly, a student who qualifies may earn about grossly 1054 euros every month. Under normal circumstances, the members who grant you internships will check your enthusiasm for your scientific research topic. 

First of all, to apply for an internship you need to identify a particular research group and mail them with your credentials like, – a) why you wish to work as his/her intern; b) state your background and c) attach a CV in PDF format enlisting your educational background and relevant experiences. Moreover, the leader of the research group is satisfied with your application, his/her assistants will contact you with a confirmation. 

The necessary details which you should know about the University – Institute of Science and Technology, Austria and the scholarship program it is offering are as follows – 


The Institute of Science and Technology is located in Klosterneuburg on the outskirts of Vienna, Austria. Austria as a country is an emerging country in Central Europe in the middle of Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein.   


In the Institute of Science and Technology, Austria, the education section is divided into four broad categories. They are – Graduation, Postdoctoral, IST for kids, and internships. Moreover, the graduation school provides for an in-depth inter-disciplinary Ph.D. program for students who wish to be at the helm of their academic careers. This interdisciplinary training program is above and beyond theories. It consists of a major research facility for students to pursue their doctoral dreams. Moreover, the guidance from the world-class faculty is truly awe-inspiring. 

Application Deadline for IST Austria PhD Program

The application process for the program beginning in September 2021 is now over. IST Austria will open applications for admissions to the September 2022 program in the second half of October 2021. The last date for these applications will be January 8, 2022. The Institute will not accept applications after the deadline for the academic year. 


If you are looking to pursue your Ph.D. degree in the Institute of Science and Technology, Austria then here are a few fields of subjects in which you can acquire an expert level of proficiency and specialization. You can apply for a Ph.D. Scholarship in the following fields – 


IST Austria facilitates a wide variety of research in the field of life sciences and biology. This institute seeks to explore starting from molecular and structural biology to cell development and evolutionary biology. A prolific institutional Ph.D. program such as this seeks to collaborate sub-fields of biology when it comes to research. The sheer magnanimity of the research facility of IST Austria is astounding. 


A major subject in the field of life sciences is Neuroscience and it has been dealt with excellent academic and research facilities at IST Austria. Moreover, the institution seeks to broaden the horizons of the students by adopting the use of cutting edge technology and optical tools such as nanophysiology, nanophotonics, electron imaging, patch-clamp recording, genetics and genomics, mosaic analysis with double markers (MADM), 4D live-imaging, optogenetics, signal processing, computational modeling, neuronal network, and behavioral analysis.  


The institution imparts knowledge mathematics in the most lucid manner possible. A curiosity-driven mathematical community inspired by pure mathematical concepts and their application on subjects like physics, computer science, and other related fields. 

Moreover, the students at IST, Austria are taught to excel in computational topology & geometry, mathematical physics, stochastic analysis, partial differential equations, algebraic geometry, representation theory, etc. This institution in Austria also facilitates regular mathematical seminars by including subjects like computer science and biology.

Computer Science

Computer Science is an emerging field to build your career in today’s world. As a PH.D. student, you will be elated to know that you will get a wide range of research topics that are based on mathematics, being deeply focused on finding new ways with algorithms and formalisms. 

The stronger points of the computer science research facility are based on fields like – 

Software-systems theory, game theory, distributed algorithms, AI or machine learning, discrete optimization, computer vision, computational geometry and topology, cryptography, computer graphics, physics simulation, computational fabrication, and optimization. 


IST Austria seeks to impart both theoretical as well as practical educational classes when it comes to physics. 

Theoretical Side

  • Atomic, molecular, and optical physics 
  • Theoretical condensed matter physics and quantum dynamics 
  • Mathematical physics 
  • Biophysics
  • Physical principles in biological systems 
  • Soft matter theory and Materials design 

Practical Side

  • Fluid dynamics/turbulence 
  • Soft and complex materials 
  • Quantum thermodynamics 
  • Nanoelectronics 
  • Quantum integrated devices 
  • Quantum sensing with atoms and light 
  • Condensed matter and quantum circuits 
  • Condensed matter and ultrafast optics 
  • Nanoscale photonics for biology

Experimental research in the field of physical chemistry includes functional nanomaterials as well as materials electrochemistry.

What are the requirements for the application and scholarship program at IST Austria?

Language Requirements

If you are keen on joining IST, Austria then you need to fulfill the basic requirements which the Institute needs from an international student. You need an English proficiency Letter to secure admission and be eligible for the scholarship program. You are not required to submit your IELTS/TOEFL or GRE scores. However, if you have passed any of these language proficiency tests, you may choose to upload the score sheets in the “Attachment” section. Your chances of getting through the admission process may become smoother.

Application Materials for IST Austria

In order to apply in IST, Austria you must have the following documents ready. Carefully submit all the documents along with your application. First of all, you need the following documents for the Scholarship program offered by IST, Austria.

CV or Curriculum Vitae

Firstly, in order to apply for a Ph.D. program in IST, Austria you must prepare a good CV for yourself which talks about yourself, your academic journey, your previous work experience and accomplishments.

Bachelor and Master Degree

Secondly, keep your Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree certificates ready while submitting your application. Moreover, make sure that your Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree are in the same field as your Ph.D course.

Valid Transcript

A valid transcript of all the programs and degrees you have attended up to now. This also includes providing a valid transcript for the degree program where you are currently enrolled in. 

English Proficiency Letter

Since you are an international student, an English Proficiency Letter is of utmost necessity. Moreover, an English Proficiency Letter will establish a student’s English speaking and writing capabilities.  

Recommendation Letters

While applying to IST, you must have 3 letters of recommendation. Moreover, along with the recommendation, you should submit any other necessary supporting documents along with your application.

Note: All documents have to be submitted in English.

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What are the benefits of IST Austria?

Tuition Fee

Firstly, IST Austria offers a fully funded Ph.D. scholarship and therefore does not charge any tuition fees.

Monthly Stipend

The monthly stipend depends upon whether a student is holding a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree at the time of their respective admissions. To begin with, on average, a Ph.D. student receives about 2245 to 2729 EUR per month (paid 14 times in a year). Moreover, students are eligible for a rise in the salary when he/she has covered 1.5 years into their Program. 

Subsidized on-campus Housing

There are majorly two types of apartments available for on-campus stay. The types are – Short term and long term apartments which take your intended stay length into consideration before allotment. On top of that, the living facilities are fully furnished and provide for a pub, kindergarten, a soccer field, a beach-volleyball field, two tennis courts, a bowling alley, and an outdoor gym to keep you entertained during your course. 

How to Apply for Ph.D. Scholarship for IST Austria?

Now let us know how to apply for their scholarship program in order to pursue your Ph.D. degree course with the Institute of Science and Technology, Austria. 

To begin with, the process of this scholarship is an online procedure, so please check the link below to apply online or check the official announcement of the scholarship.




The last date to apply for the Institute of Science and Technology Austria Ph.D. Scholarship for International Students all around the world is January 8, 2022 (23:59 CET). Applications open after October 15, 2021, tentatively.


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