Study Certificate: Everything You Need to Know About It

Study Certificate: Everything You Need to Know About It

What is a Study Certificate? Why is it important?

At any phase of your life, whether you decide to go for a job, higher education or anything else, academic certificates are an inseparable part in the process.

Therefore, it is very important to know and obtain all the necessary certificates and keep them where you can access them easily.

Trust me, you don’t want to scream around your room searching for different certificates

In fact, you might get confused as there are many certificates that we obtain during our academic journey.

So, what exactly is a study certificate?

Study Certificate is a certificate that certifies, that the student has passed the test/exams conducted by the institution. It has the academic qualifications completed by the student and is issued by the institution.

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Why is it important?

Study Certificate is important when you apply for higher education and also to apply for a job in government or public sectors.

How can you obtain a study certificate?

To obtain the certificate, you can visit your respective institution and fill out the application form. They can ask for some documents, for instance, ID card, mark sheets, fee receipts and your student details. You have to also submit a letter to the head of the institution requesting you a study certificate.

After processing your application form, you will be issued the certificate.

Please note that, the students will have to get the certificate countersigned and sealed by the Block Education Officer from the education department or the DDPI. The certificate must also contain the attesting authority’s full name, contact details and address.

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How can you write a letter to the head of the institution requesting for the certificate?

The Head of the Institution
Name of Educational Institution
Address of the Institution

Subject: Requesting for a study certificate

Respected Sir/ Madam

I, (Your name), am the student of this institution since (Date) and I have passed out from the institution in the year (Year). This letter is to request you, to issue my study certificate at the earliest as (Mention the reason why you require a study certificate). I am attaching all the required documents with this letter. Below are my course and student details.

Course and student details : ( Admission number, course name, class, section etc)

Yours Sincerely,
Name and Date.

What is the format of study certificate?

For School

(Name, Address and Contact number of the institution)

Date : ________________

This is to certify that Mr/ Ms _________, Son / Daughter of Mr/ Mrs _________ with the Admission number ( ) has been the student of (name of the institution) from ____ to ____. She/he has passed the exam with the ___ percentage. The institution follows (SSC/ CBSE/ICSE) pattern.

The above details are true to the best of my knowledge.

Signature of the principal with stamp.

For Colleges

(Name, Address and Contact number of the institution)


This is to certify that Mr/ Ms______, Son/ Daughter of Mr/ Mrs _______ with the admission number ____ has completed the course ( name of the course ) and has passed the examination held at the end of that course. The duration of the course was from ____ to ____.

Course NameSubjectsMarks obtainedPass/ Fail

Signature of the head of the institution with stamp

Please note that the above format is just for representation purposes. The actual certificate can vary for different institutions though the purpose is the same.

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How is the bonafide certificate different from study certificate?

The bonafide certificate certifies a student’s affiliation to the institution and is different from the study certificate.

Therefore, both the certificates are not the same.

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The certificates are an important part of any academic process. They serve as an evidence for your claims. Therefore, it is very important to obtain all the certificates and keep them safely at one place where they can come in handy.

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Frequently Asked Question

Q1. What is the definition of a study certificate?

Ans. A study certificate is a document that validates that the candidate completed the institution’s tests/exams. It bears the student’s finished educational qualifications and is granted by the organization.

Q2. What is the procedure for obtaining a study certificate?

Ans. To receive the study certificate, students need to visit their university and fill the application form. The university may request documentation such as the ID card, grade sheets, fee invoices, and student information. You must also send a written to the institution’s president seeking a study certificate.

Q3. What is the purpose of a study certificate?

Ans. A study certificate is a crucial document to get after completing their primary/secondary school. It attests to the fact that a pupil has studied and passed the examination administered by that educational establishment.

Q4. Is there a time limit for the study certificate?

Ans. Even if you ended up taking the study certificates just after completing your studies, there’ll be no difficulty. You may obtain the study credentials at any moment because the schools keep track of all their students.

Q5. Does the study certificate be used to verify documents?

Ans. Yes, if the college officials want the study certificate, you must provide the certificate received previously from your educational institute. So, while document validation, you must present the authentic certificate that you acquired from the institution.