Everything About Consolidated Mark Sheet

Everything About Consolidated Mark Sheet

What is a consolidated mark sheet? Why is it important? How is it different from transcripts and provisional certificate?

Often, When you apply to the university abroad, the extensive paperwork obviously makes one frustrated. If you don’t know the exact names of the documents that you have or need to acquire from the university to facilitate the process of studying abroad, then it becomes more challenging.

Consolidated mark sheets are one of the important documents that the university provides after the completion of your course and is also essential while applying for higher education anywhere.

What is Consolidated Mark Sheet? Why is it important? When is it issued?

A consolidated mark sheet is a compilation of the grades obtained from all your semesters printed into one sheet.

The university provides it after the completion of the course .

In simple terms, if your course had 6 semesters then your consolidated mark sheet will contain the grades obtained by you from semester 1 to 6 and also the overall calculated CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) at the completion of the course.

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The consolidated mark sheet contains the follows :
  1. The name of the university
  2. The university code
  3. The name of the course
  4. Year of completion
  5. Reference number
  6. Name of the student
  7. Name of the parents
  8. Date of issuance
  9. Roll number of the student
  10. Medium of instruction
  11. Name and code of the subjects studied
  12. Grades obtained in each subject in every semester (theory and practical)
  13. The overall CGPA
  14. Signature of the controller of examinations and section in charge

When is the marksheet issued?

The university provides it after the completion of the course. You can request the mark sheet from the university by applying through their website or by visiting the university and providing them with your student details.

Why is a mark sheet important?

The consolidated mark sheet is very important as it serves the following purposes.

  1. Consolidated mark sheet serves as the proof of your completion of the course from the particular university.
  2. When you apply for higher education, they can ask for the sheet as proof that you have completed the previous course.
  3. It can be helpful when you apply for a job too.
  4. It serves as a reference that you have completed the course from a particular university.

What are transcripts and how are they different from a mark sheet?

Transcripts are the sheets that provide comprehensive detail of the grades obtained in each subject every semester by the student. The university also provides transcripts after completion of the course.

What is a provisional certificate?

A provisional certificate certifies that the student has passed a particular course from the university. It just contains the overall CGPA rather than the detailed grades. It has the sign of the registrar and section in charge. The university provides this certificate and it is an important one.

What to do if you didn’t receive your consolidated mark sheet?

Generally, the university for sure provides it after the completion of the course but if there is delay, then you can apply through the university website or can ask by visiting the university. Either way, you will receive the certificate.


To conclude, the documents are crucial for any application process while studying abroad, especially for professional courses. Hence, it is very important to gather and safely keep all the documents. When you apply for a university, it’s very essential to check the university requirements and submit all the documents needed in order to avoid any complications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. State the function of the consolidated Marksheet?

Ans. Consolidated Marksheet is a documentation that is handed to a student after completing a course. It is confirmation that the participant participated in the course, attended its courses effectively, and passed the examinations administered during the course.

Q2. Is a consolidated Marksheet sufficient for document verification?

Ans. No. A consolidated Marksheet is not required for procedure of document verification. Degrees and marksheets are simple to use. 

Q3. What is another name for Consolidated Marksheet?

Ans. Consolidated mark sheets are also renowned as Transcripts. Universities can provide grades for all topics and semesters on a single transcript.

Q3. What Does a Consolidated Marksheet Do?

Ans. A consolidated mark sheet, which contains information on the subjects covered throughout the semester or academic term, functions as evidence of a student’s enrolment in that institution.

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