Studying Abroad in Post Covid Session

Studying Abroad in Post Covid Session

With the present situation due to the outbreak of coronavirus, the world is currently at a standstill. Educational institutions, companies, organizations, and Businesses have temporarily shut down or have moved to online mode. It is natural to have doubts about studying abroad in the post-Covid session.

Covid-19 has the worst impact on education Abroad. All the on-campus classes, lectures, and seminars shifted to online studies to abide by the World Health Organisation’s safety measures.

However, restrictions are being cautiously lowered, and the economy is opening steadily by governments worldwide.

This means that eventually, the universities will also welcome the students back to the campus.

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Impact on the environment while studying abroad in the post-Covid session

Educational institutions will further implement many new policies to ensure that they maintain social distancing all over the campus.

Students study and hang out in groups, such as the libraries, cafeteria, recreational rooms, theatres, gyms, etc.

Other modes of Education except for on-campus studies

Online Learning

Even before this pandemic occurred, many institutions and organisations had abroad education programs with online learning. And even in this pandemic, many of the institutions successfully conducted the entire semester with online lectures. As exams with proper rules and regulations did not happen, students were graded on assignments and vivas. Many institutions also took online exams incorporated with Artificial Intelligence.

These practices can still continue.

Many studies state that when students study abroad, they face many issues such as the stressful situation of being in a different culture, adapting and adjusting to it, and not confronting it. All these situations have a long-lasting impact on their lives.

With virtual learning, these problems will also be solved to a large extent as the student will stay in the same culture itself and interact with students and faculty online and build connections.

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The Domestic Study Away

As in this pandemic, every other place except our homes is not safe. Even after this crisis ends, the parent and student will feel safer and comfortable with the idea of studying in the same country.

Many institutions already offer Domestic-Study away experiences. Those are intentionally structured and incorporated into the program that they are equivalent to studying abroad experience. With the proper curriculum and activities, they can ensure that they enhance their ability to interact with new people.

Increase in Faculty engagement and Reduction in Faculty-Student ratio:

By shifting to an online mode of learning, the Faculty plays a significant role. Keeping students engaged in an online class and simultaneously making the students learn as much as they would in an offline class is the new emerging challenge for the faculties.

This type of learning where the faculty needs to maintain both the students’ attention and the knowledge can be achieved by reducing the Faculty-Student ratio. This will help the faculty pay individual quality attention to each student, enhancing their graph of learning.

Thus, we hope this article helped you clarify any doubts about studying abroad in the post-Covid session. Contact us for more information.

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