Tips to Get Perfect Student Accommodation in London

Tips to Get Perfect Student Accommodation in London

London has always been a desirable destination to study for many aspiring students. Owing to its large student population of about 400,000 students and not to mention being one of the most luxurious and costliest cities in the World, finding student accommodation in London can seem trickier than usual. Although London’s student-centric city offers many different options for selecting a place to live, it is also essential to make the right choice and find accommodation that would tick in all your requirements while not being harsh on your pockets. So, we’ve jotted down some helpful tips to get perfect student accommodation in London.

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Apply Early.

Ranked as the World’sWorld’s fifth-best student city, London’sLondon’s capital city has turned out to be the hottest study destination for students from all around the World. This means the student accommodation, including private student accommodation, university accommodation, or homestays, is top-rated and might get sold out faster, unlike other UK cities. While the students who wish to apply for the university accommodation need to apply within the application deadline, the students who prefer private student accommodation in London, it would be best if you apply for housing once you are aware of the university you will be attending or at least 1-2 months before your arrival date.

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Research your options.

Before arriving in the UK, study your options thoroughly. Know what kinds of accommodation are available and what would be best suited for you. London’s primary student accommodation divides into three parts: University Halls of Residence, Private student accommodation, and Private rentals.

  • University Halls of Residence: One of the popular accommodation options amongst the first-year students, Halls of Residence, provides accommodation. One can choose between self-catered and catered halls. The halls of residence further offer different room options, including single, double and ensuite. Students can apply for this accommodation before the deadline through the university website.
  • Private Student accommodation: Apart from the university halls of residence, students can also range of well-maintained Private student accommodation in London, which includes the luxurious yet budget-friendly selection of studio, ensuite, and shared bedroom options along with communal areas. These accommodations offer 24-hour security, and the majority of the property has bills included feature. Also, they are usually located close to the major universities and the city centre.
  • Private Rentals: Private rentals, as the name suggests, refer to renting out an entire independent property on your own. Although this might be an excellent option for someone who wishes to stay alone, there might be specific cons, such as the individual alone will have to deal with the property’s cleanliness and maintenance.

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Find the right location.

The cost of accommodation in London hugely varies by location. Divided into zone 1,2,3 and 4, the closer to the city centre, the higher the accommodation cost. Therefore you must do some research and find out what you can get for your money. Keep your quest to a few neighbourhoods and set a budget accordingly. Things to consider:

  • How close it is to your university
  • What would be the total travel cost
  • Decency and safety of the area
  • Connectivity of the place
  • Local amenities

Find what is included in the price.

Always be sure to check and clarify as to what includes in the cost of accommodation. Will the rent include utility bills (electricity, gas, water), laundry service, kitchen equipment, bedding, internet connection, etc., so that you can get a clearer idea about the deal.

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Further, you can always ask for help. London is a large city, and finding accommodation in an entirely new city, considering it your first time, can be a daunting experience. Well, worry, not! You can ask for assistance from your respective university accommodation office or the independent student housing providers.

You can also join London Facebook groups and get help from the other localities and students in the city. Thus, we hope this article helped you with some tips to get perfect student accommodation in London. Always know what you are looking for, plan, and be clear of any doubts! We wish you a happy stay!

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