Top 10 Inexpensive Universities In the UK For Bachelors

Top 10 Inexpensive Universities In the UK For Bachelors

The UK is one of the prime locations for studying bachelor’s degree courses. However, most students think that studying in the UK will be too expensive to afford. But, good news for students – there are many cheap universities in the UK for bachelor’s degree programs.

At the bachelor’s level, there are several universities in the UK charging different tuition fees and other expenses. For example, there are some universities in the UK, which charge as low as £9,250 for international students.

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Recently, the UK’s largest higher education survey, HESA’s Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) collected data from Bachelor’s graduates six months after finishing their studies and released their findings.

Moreover, the results revealed that about 54.8% of Bachelor’s graduates worked full-time in the UK, while 12% worked part-time. Thus, looking for cheap universities in the UK is the best option if you want to explore global opportunities for yourself. Universities

List of inexpensive universities in UK for Bachelor’s

University of Stirling, Stirling – £13,650

To begin with, founded in 1967 the University of Stirling has built its reputation over the years with regards to excellence and innovation. For its prospective students, it offers high-quality education and a wide spectrum of study programs.

Despite being such a highly reputed institute, the University of Stirling is one of the most cost-effective universities within the UK. For example, Undergraduate students at this university are charged £12,140 in a Classroom-based course and £14,460 for a Laboratory-based course. 

Bachelor degree courses from this University ensures to unravel knowledge, professional expertise and employability. You need to apply through UCAS by paying £20 for one course and £25 for multiple courses. With the help of UCAS track, you will be able to track your application. Stirling breaks down an entire year’s curriculum into 15-week semesters.

However, for part-timers, the tuition fees are almost half as much. Moreover, research students are required to pay tuition fees for the first three/two years only. For students pursuing undergraduate courses, the fee structure will depend upon the degree course selected.

Queen Margaret University, Musselburgh, East Lothian – £13,000

Firstly, the campus of Queen Margaret University is just six minutes away from the city of Edinburgh, in the seaside town of Musselburgh. Moreover, the international students at the undergraduate level are usually charged a tuition fee between £12,500 and £13,500.

Queen Margaret University is hailed for their 97.1% employability rates. All degree courses including those under the postgraduate and research section are done through UCAS. You can submit your application with UCAS by mid-September.

However, you will have to show proof of your English language proficiency skills through IELTS (minimum of 6 with 5.5 for each language skill) for undergraduate degree courses. So far as postgraduate courses are concerned you need to have at least 6.5 out of which 6 in each of the language skills.

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Solent University, Southampton – £12,500

First of all, Solent University comprises of students coming from almost 100 nations. The tuition fees charged from international students are comparatively low.

Full-time undergraduate fees are as follows –

  • Bachelor’s degree – £12,500
  • Foundation Year/Certificate-£11,000
  • Higher National Diplomas/Certificates (HND/HNC)-£11,000 (additional registration fee may apply)

There are tonnes of degree courses to choose from at Solent University. Moreover, you will have benefits of working with industry leaders for your apprenticeships. Solent makes sure that you feel at home by providing you with one of the finer living accommodations in the country. You will be able to access the Sports complex for no extra charges.

Above all, the Student Support program initiated by Solent help students survives through their college life with ease. Starting from academic support to career advising and counselling.

University of West London – £12,000

The University of West London ranked 50th in the Guardian University Guide (2019). However, with its fairly low tuition fees, the University of West London is one of the most cost-effective Universities in the UK. For example, in most cases, the average tuition fee is £12,000. This is what makes University of West London one of the cheap universities in UK.

There are tonnes of degree courses offered by the University of West London. You can choose to take up any bachelor’s degree you want. Moreover some of these degree courses are available from a physical campus while others are online.

In addition to having more than 300 choices, you will get world-class mentorship. Students prefer smaller class sizes for better interaction with lecturers and that is what you get from this University. Employability rate of students graduating from the University of London is remarkable as well.

You can directly apply to this university through filing an online application with the following details –

  • Statement showcasing why you want to study a particular degree course
  • Two faculty recommendations
  • Transcripts of academic history
  • Study abroad approval

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Leeds Beckett University – £12,000

Located in one of the biggest financial districts of the UK this university defines itself with clear educational ambitions. Moreover, their goal is to equip scholars with an exceptional level of intellectual skills that will prove useful for their future. To begin with, the University runs several partnerships with different organizations and companies to ensure it’s students get the best opportunities to find a good job after completing their studies.

Currently, the university boasts over 28,000 students coming from almost 100 countries on the planet. Besides, Leeds Becket University has several rock bottom tuition fees among all British universities. The tuition fee for most of the Undergraduate courses offered by the university is £12,000.

Leeds Beckett offers you over 150 undergraduate degree courses across a wide range of proficiencies. Moreover, the cultural diversity at Leeds Beckett is awe-inspiring. Student life at Leeds Beckett is secured with their guaranteed accommodation facilities. However, accommodation costs range somewhere between £99 to £246 per week depending upon the facilities.

Teesside University – £11,825

Teesside University is both nationally and internationally recognized. Through its highly reputed study programs, high-quality teaching and research the university guarantees to offer its students an exceptional education.

Its reasonable tuition fees make this university more attractive to international students. The cost of enrollment in an international foundation program usually costs £9,750. For a full-time undergraduate course, one has to pay £11,825 per academic year.

Above all, Teesside University offers tonnes of undergraduate courses including film-making and design-crafts. Moreover, part-time courses and apprenticeship opportunities will open up new doors for you. This university seeks to make you ready for jobs in any given field.

Furthermore, you will have the best of academic experience and student-lecturer relationship. The Teesside University ranks 8th in student satisfaction and there are solid reasons for that. With smaller class sizes and a high employable rate, this University is going to do a world of good for any international student. Moreover, have a guaranteed accommodation and enjoy your University life like nowhere else.

In addition to that, you need to pass your English proficiency tests like IELTS and TOEFL. For IELTS, this University accepts a minimum of 6 overall points and a minimum score of 5.5 in each of the subdivisions like reading, writing, speaking and listening.

An overall minimum score of 72 is required for TOEFL students with minimum scores of –

  • Reading – 18
  • Listening – 17
  • Speaking – 20
  • Writing – 17 Universities

Wrexham Glyndwr University – £11,750

Established in 2008, the Wrexham Glyndwr University is one of the youngest universities in the UK. Besides, it’s one of the cheapest universities. The tuition fees for students willing to pursue their graduation at the University of Glyndwr is £11,750. Hence, it is one of the cheap universities in UK.

Moreover, Glyndwr University welcomes its international students. You need to score 6 in IELTS with none of the subdivision scores under 5.5 and an overall score for 79 TOEFL students. Your subdivisional score in TOEFL must not be less than (reading – 18, listening – 17, speaking – 20 and Writing – 17)

Once you have applied for bachelors your documents will be checked thoroughly. In addition to your English Language proficiency test results, you will be interviewed by the University’s Immigration Compliance Team. If you are successful in clearing the interview you will be issued a CAS letter. Thereafter, you can apply for a Tier-4 passport visa.

University of Bedfordshire – £11,500

The University of Bedfordshire established in 2006, as an amalgam of the University of Luton and De Montfort’s University enjoys a global reputation, hosting more than 20,000 students coming from over 120 countries.

Besides being a highly reputed and valued university, it charges an affordable tuition fee from international students. According to their actual tuition fee policy, international undergraduate students have to pay £11,500 for a BA or BSc degree program.

The University of Bedfordshire requires you to sign your application form through electronic signature. Thereafter, you need to upload copies of your English proficiency test results.

You need to show your academic qualifications and one page of a personal statement. Make sure to tell the University why you want to join the program. Your passport details and a valid UK visa are two important documents required to be submitted. For IELTS aspirants, you need to get an overall score of 6 with not less than 5.5 for each element.

University of Cumbria – £10,500

The University of Cumbria was established just 13 years ago and today it accounts for 10,000 students. Their clear long-term aim is to prepare their students to be able to give their full potential and seek a successful career. Although it’s such a qualitative university, Cumbria University is one of the most cost-effective within the UK.

The tuition fees it charges for international students, changes depending on the type and the academic level of the course. At the undergraduate level, an international student is required to pay between £1,554 for a Pre-sessional English (6 weeks) to £15,500 for BA (Hons) welfare work and Health Pre-registration Program. Thus, it one of the cheap universities in UK.

Cumbria offers a broad range of bachelor degree courses and welcomes international applications. International students have seven campuses to choose from. Cumbria fulfils international standards of education and prepares you for future working life.

University of Chester – £9,250

Throughout the university’s long history, it has created a singular identity of a top-quality education institution. The University of Chester aims to prepare students to gain the necessary skills which would help them build an academic career and help their local communities.

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A degree at this university comes at an affordable price. Depending on the type and the level of the course, these are the tuition fees one can expect at the University of Chester as an international student –

  • International Foundation Program – £9,250
  • Bachelor’s degree (Foundation included) – £9,250
  • Undergraduate – £11,950
  • UG Pre-Reg Nursing Pathways – £9,250 + £3,000 placement

Chester University is known to develop students into self-reliant global leaders with an international network. You need to submit your academic transcripts, proof of IELTS, Academic reference, Statement of Purpose, a copy of your passport, and a valid visa. If you are looking for a cheaper university, Chester university is one of the best cheap universities in the UK.

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