Top schools for MBA in International Business

Top schools for MBA in International Business

Masters in Business Administration is one of the popular courses that students take up after their under graduation. Students from all streams can pursue this course. There are several schools for MBA in International Business.

MBA offers many specialisations, International Business being one of them.

MBA International Business is a two-year, semester-based postgraduate degree in management. Graduates from any stream can opt for the course. International Business is one of the most trending specialisations in MBA these days in India and abroad.

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MBA International Business Syllabus mainly focuses on developing a capable workforce within the country withsucceed a complete understanding of the changing international business scenarios to weigh and analyse the impact of those changes in the domestic market.

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In this blog, we have some top universities that provide MBA in international business.

New York University

Ranked 30th globally, NYU is known for being the 9th best institute for international business education. The Stern School of Business at NYU offers a Business Program to choose to co-concentrate in Global Business.

The kind of subjects you learn will include Emerging Financial Markets, Global Banking, Monetary Policy, Global Strategy, Advanced Global Perspectives, International Social Impact Strategies, and more.

You can pick two other specialisations and International Business from 20 different options and customise your curriculum to the core.

Tuition: $38,592

Duration: 2 years

The Stern School of Business also offers students an experiential learning opportunity at Stern Solutions. Students can also choose to travel the globe and do business in 10 countries worldwide.

As a result, by the end of your course, you will feel prepared to establish a thriving career in any company you want. Be it a multinational company, a financial institution, an international organisation, or even the government!

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University of Southern Carolina

Ranked 1st in America for International Business, the Darla Moore School of Business offers a thorough 22-month International MBA program.

The classes at USC are designed to offer learning opportunities to students outside the classroom.

The curriculum includes Global Strategic Management, Global Supply Chain, Global Finance, Financial Accounting, Quantitative Methods, Global Marketing, etc. There’s even an Introductory Language Course that the university offers to help students get established in whichever market they want.

Tuition: $26,532

Duration: 22 months

Students can opt for a 2-month in-country immersion in a foreign land at the end of the course. The 12-15 week internship they take up will be at one of the top global organisations, like Adidas, Dell, United Airlines, UPS, etc.

University of California, Berkeley

Recognised as the 7th Best Business School in America, the Haas School of Business offers a full-time MBA course with a specialisation in Global Management.

The college offers a variety of courses to help students get a global perspective. These include Global Leadership, Managing Human Rights in Business, Innovative Finance for Developing Economies, Running an MNC, and more. You can also choose from many different electives, like Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, Sustainable Supply Chains, Business & Public Policy, etc.

Tuition: $26, 322

Duration: 2 years

The degree course will allow you to travel and study abroad. You would also have the chance to participate in the Global Social Venture Competition.

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University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Ranked as the 12th best school in the US, the Ross School of Business offers a 16th-month-long Global MBA program in International Business.

Taught both in-person and online by global leaders in their respective fields, the program helps students gain a strong foothold in the area.

The course curriculum includes subjects that will deepen your understanding of business leadership, innovation, and transformation. The topics you’ll learn include Finance, Marketing, Strategy, Blockchain, AI, Global Business Environment, Law/Ethics, Entrepreneurship, Growth Strategies, and several other exciting topics.

Tuition: $41,688

Duration: 16 months

You can also participate in the Global Semester Exchange Program and study at one of the 20 partner schools worldwide. These colleges can be from Asia, Australia, Latin America, Europe, etc.

University of Washington

The 27th best graduate school in the United States, the University of Washington offers a full-time MBA program that lets students participate in a Global Business Program.

While going through this certification course, students can either participate in an MBA exchange program. Here, the course curriculum will include Global Environment, Sustainability, Global Consulting, etc.

Tuition: $27,255

Duration: 2 years

Alternatively, students can also take up Foreign Language Study, complete a Global Business Tour, do a globally focussed internship, or participate in globally-focused Case Competitions.

University of Chicago

The Booth School of Business offers one of the best programs for an MBA in International Business. Their course immerses students in several micro and macroeconomic topics critical to a broad understanding of today’s global economic environment.

The subjects you learn will cover theories that will help you manage foreign exchange risk, international capital markets, debt and currency changes, and other characteristics of global financial markets. You will also learn to study different markets, like Brazil, Africa, Venezuela, China, and India.

Tuition: $51,624

Duration: 2 years

While studying at the Booth School of Business, you will also be able to work at research centres, explore full-time or part-time MBA groups, and participate in the world’s most prestigious competitions on campus and around the globe.

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What is the scope of pursuing an MBA in international business?

Having a deep understanding of the global business environments will teach you all the skills you need to be successful in various careers.

You could choose to work in any field you want, especially marketing, management, banking, and finance.

Some of the roles you can choose from include-

  1. Management Analyst
  2. Market Research Analyst
  3. Financial Analyst
  4. Securities, Commodities, and Financial Service Sales Agent
  5. Budget Analyst

With proper education, skillset, and intelligent work, you can quickly advance your career. From management positions to top executive roles in multinational firms, you can go wherever you want.


We have answered some frequently asked questions for your ease.

Q1. Is an MBA in International Business the right choice for me?

Ans. Are you interested in learning more about global finance, marketing, supply chains, currencies, and international relations? If yes, an MBA in International Business is just the program for you.

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Q2. Which country is best for MBA International Business?

Ans: Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia and Singapore are some of the best countries for MBA International Business.

Q3. What are the subjects in MBA International Business?

Ans: Management Concepts & Organizational Behaviour, Managerial Economics, Accounting for Managers, Business Environment & Law, Research Methodology are some of the subjects of MBA International Business.

We truly hope we were able to resolve any queries you might have had.

Good luck!