What is a Gap Certificate?

What is a Gap Certificate?

There might be a lot of reasons why a student has to take a study gap. A gap certificate actually lets the candidate verify that they are indeed stopping their education for a specific purpose. It helps to gauge a candidate in a much better way. Often, a lot of universities require students to provide gap certificates when they are applying for further studies. There is no specific requirement in terms of the study gap that students have to take. It can be anything, maybe looking for a job or because of some personal reasons as well.

It is usually issued by a judicial body to the students who have taken a gap period. Sometimes, there is some legal requirement to produce this certificate. This certificate is usually a stamp paper that you need to produce by visiting the district court and handing over the necessary documents.

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A student who has taken the gap year in the right way can be assured of learning some valuable lessons. For example, in case they have decided to do an internship it will help them learn more about their field of study. Otherwise, they can also do some volunteer work or teach underprivileged children. It will help them to be more responsible and mature. Sometimes, it is a genuine leave of absence that can be related to health issues.

What do we need a Gap Certificate?

Sometimes schools and universities have some rules and regulations concerning the gap years of a student. For example, in some universities, if a candidate takes more than two years as a gap they need to provide their GAP certificate. That is why it is necessary to have this certificate.

It provides a sense of security to the students that they are not forged in anything or their records are accurate.

Details that need to be mentioned in the Gap Certificate

The format of the gap certificate consists of the following details

  • Name of the candidate
  • Age
  • Residential address
  • Most recent educational qualification
  • Institute Name (from where he/she have received education)
  • Date from which candidate has taken a gap or Gap durations
  • Reason for taking the gap
  • Name of the college/university where the candidate want to take admission
  • Date of application
  • Signature of candidate
  • Signature of advocate

What are the documents that you need to apply for a GAP certificate?

If you are planning to apply for a gap certificate you need the following documents.

  • ID Proof (PAN Card/Aadhar card/Voter ID/Driving license)
  • School/College leaving certificate
  • A letter from the last educational institute (Authentication declaration)
  • Residential address proof
  • Citizenship proof
  • Marksheet of last qualifying exam

What are the reasons behind a gap?

Health issues

The first and most common reason for taking a gap is poor health. Undergoing the treatment or recuperating from an illness can make any student require a gap.

It has been observed that students who are ill-treated in their schools, experience mental stress and pressure. It can affect them physically as well which forces them to take a break. Often, their childhood diseases become worse during these years and that is why they take a gap.

Family compulsion

Sometimes, the student’s family might need them to take a break from education. This can be due to financial issues or because of other circumstances which force them to stop their studies for some time. It is an official document that proves that the student is stopping their education for a particular reason and it provides them peace of mind.

Voluntary work abroad

Often the student wants to do some voluntary work in a foreign country. This can be because of their personal interest or for something related to humanity. It enables them to learn more about the world and at the same time contribute towards society. They can do voluntary work from the same country as well.

Family emergency

The family of the student can be in trouble. For example, their parent might be not well due to an illness or because of some other compulsion they need their help. This is another reason for taking a gap.

Employment opportunities

A student might want to take a break because they have found an employment opportunity in their home country or abroad. It is quite common that the candidate has taken up positions in some multinational company where there are chances of growth. This can be for two years or more which forces them to provide a gap certificate.

Global education application

It is another reason for taking a gap. The student might want to apply for some program with an international academic institution. It provides them with global opportunities like working abroad or travelling the world. Sometimes, even studying abroad becomes compulsory and it can be done after they submit their GAP certificates.

Vocational training

A candidate might want to take a gap because they wish to take some vocational training. For example, if they want to do cooking and become a chef then they can take such courses which require them to be absent from their formal education.

Cultural exchange

The student wants to experience a new culture and tradition which is different from their own. Such programmes are conducted in many countries where the student can stay with the local family and learn more about their way of living.

How can a Gap Certificate help you?

Easier to land a job

Many companies actually need a valid reason on why a candidate takes a long gap. The reasons might be many but having a gap certificate is the best way to prove it. A candidate with a proper gap certificate is proof that they were actually taking care of something important back home.

Faster VISA processing

Most countries process the visa of students on priority basis. So, if you are applying for some VISA or some youth mobility program then you should take a gap certificate. It proves that you halted your study for a valid reason. Additionally, it helps in faster visa processing as well.

Easier for further studies

This certificate can be useful while applying to universities abroad. The format of this document is valid according to the standards of other countries too.

Avoids career loss

No need to worry about your career taking a back seat. Even the future employers know that you took a gap for good reasons and not to do any dirty work.

Admission in universities

Colleges accept this document as an official proof of previous education and offer admission according to the qualification. It is also helpful while applying for higher studies.

Compensates for lost time

There is no age limit to learning, so you can take a gap and start learning after that for as long as you want. This certificate will help you with the admission process too.

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