Which country is best for MS programs?

Which country is best for MS programs?

The Master of Science (MS) is a graduate degree that certifies mastery in a variety of scientific disciplines. Some of them include mathematics, physical science, applied science/engineering, social and behavioral science, computer science, medicine, and much more. An MS program typically takes 24 months to complete.

However, there are multiple programs around the world ranging from those that you finish within a month to those that take 3 years (part-time). If you want a solid understanding of the subject and willing to dedicate 2 years of your life then doing an MS is one of most rewarding experiences ever.

The degree itself doesn’t only guarantee future employment but also opens up opportunities for higher pay. Also, you can go for higher studies post your MS and become a Ph.D. student. The pay package for an MS post is huge, even though you would be studying or working part-time (if that’s your thing). Your MS degree would do the job if employers look for a lot of expertise out there before hiring candidates.

There are plenty of countries to choose from if you want to pursue MS. The United States, Canada, England, Germany and Australia are some of them. However, here are a few factors that you need to keep in mind while selecting the country for MS programs and finding out which course is the best among them.

Factors to consider while selecting a foreign university/country

Availability of scholarships

This is the first step that you need to take while selecting your country. A scholarship is something that pays for your tuition fee, not only in your MS but also in PhD. Make sure you opt for universities with good scholarships or hostel facilities. Being a foreigner, it will be tough (if not impossible) to pay off your tuition fee without a scholarship.

Living costs

If you want to survive in a foreign country, you need a job or source of income that can pay for your expenses. Make sure the location has good employment opportunities and not only do universities offer scholarships but also they have high-paying jobs outside the campus as well. Some students choose to work privately and earn extra. You can opt for that as well but make sure you learn the language and fit in with the culture.

Course duration

It takes roughly 24 months (2 years) to complete an MS program. But, some universities offer part-time or weekend programs where students can finish it in a single year or up to three years. There are also joint programs which allow students to finish their MS programs within a year after graduating.

Total course fee

A standard MS program costs $40,000 per year (varies a lot). However, it’s not necessary that you pay the same amount all through your course duration. Many universities offer different programs and fee structures. You need to opt for a program that’s affordable and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Application deadlines

Most universities have online applications which you can fill up from the comfort of your home. However, if the university has offline mode then make sure you have all the documents ready before you start applying.

Which country is the best for MS programs?

The United States

Obviously, the US has always been the most preferred destination for education or work. The US has some of the best universities in the world with great facilities. There are plenty of MS programs available for students that you can choose from. Not to forget, there are great opportunities outside campus as well where you need to have a certain level of familiarity with the language.

The country is probably the best in terms of education, better job opportunities and earning potential. The best part about studying here is that you can choose your specialization/field of interest before applying for MS programs. It’s all merit-based. If you score high, then there are plenty of scholarships available to pay for your tuition fee. Also, it is one of those countries that let their students stay the longest after graduating.


North America has two great countries when it comes to education. The first one is the one discussed above while the second one is Canada. Although they lack behind in terms of university rankings, but there are still some great ones that offer quality education. A lot of students prefer Canada over the US because it’s cheaper and has good scholarship opportunities.

On top of that, Canada is safe and you can work part-time to fund your expenses. It’s also easier to score a good job as the competition is much lower. The weather can be cold at times but that depends upon where you stay. Some of the universities like the University of Toronto give tough competition to the ones in the US.


We have been hearing names like Oxford and Cambridge for decades. These are very old universities with a lot of history behind them. But where are these universities located? In a country that comes third in our list of top best MS program destinations, i.e., England!

If you want to pursue a career in business or research then Cambridge University is the place for you. Similarly, Oxford has a lot to offer as well so doesn’t fall behind.

Apart from these two places, there are plenty of other universities which offer quality education in different fields. Some of them are the University of Manchester, the University of Sheffield, and many more.

Oh, and the weather.

It can be as unpredictable as an average person’s mood but uncertainty is a part of life, isn’t it?


Apart from these three countries, Germany is another place where you can pursue a high-quality education. And also, you don’t need to worry about your expenses at all. The quality of labor and research German universities has to offer is unmatchable.

There are colleges where education is practically free. Yes, there are many universities like that. But at the same time, the competition is equally tough so you better prepare hard for it.

You can do your Ph.D. programs after the MS as well. They offer long-term training and amazing employment. While studying, you will be given an assistantship. It is a monthly salary and sometimes also free housing (varies upon the institute). International students can also apply for German courses at all levels.

Remember all the top car brands have their bases in Germany, so if the automobile sector is your forte, you never know where your career might take you.


Last but not the least, there is a country that has amazing beaches, sun-kissed coasts and extravagant lifestyles. Apart from that, the education system in Australia is also great. The same goes for employment opportunities as well.

Some of the universities like the University of Melbourne are ranked amongst the top ones all over the world. So there’re plenty of opportunities available to students willing to pursue their MS degrees here.

There are other things like great weather and proximity to other countries in Asia that make Australia a must-visit country. Also, you can take a visit to New Zealand once in a while if you have enough money. And for that, you need to work hard and get a good job. By the way, good jobs are available in Australia, in plenty.

So, nothing to worry about.

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