Best universities for MIM in the UK

Best universities for MIM in the UK

A lot of aspirants look forward to building a career abroad each year. With regard to this, the UK is wildly popular amongst students when it comes to studying for a Master’s in Management (MIM) program. The United Kingdom is home to many business schools, which are in demand not only in Europe but globally too. Pursuing MIM in the UK can also be very lucrative for your future. Generally, you will land up a high-paying job after completing your course. While doing MIM, one can specialize in finance, consulting, marketing, information technology, etc. Studying the program from the best universities across the world can help you look into your career from a different perspective. Hence, in this blog, we have shortlisted the best universities for MIM in the UK that have been ranked among the top B-schools consistently over the last few years.

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Best Universities for MIM in the UK

London Business School

A B-school which will give you a global learning experience, taking you from the classroom to the international world of business. The college has about 75+ student clubs and 96% employment success within three months of Graduation. It ranks 4th best university for MIM in the world according to Financial Times. Located in the heart of London, you gain countless options to build business networks and shape your career.

Imperial College London

Consistently ranked amongst the world’s top global programmes, Imperial College London’s Master’s in Management has an excellent worldwide reputation. Choosing this college for pursuing MIM in the UK will set you apart from the crowd. The programme is for one year and has a success rate of 97% when it comes to employment.

Warwick Business School

Students from management and related degrees can apply for MIM at Warwick. They should be fluent in English, especially if they’re a non-native speaker. In Warwick Business School, the MIM course is for a duration of 1 year with three mandatory modules and 2 elective modules. The course focuses on building skills such as marketing, analytics, customer management etc.

Bayes Business School

The University ranks third in London and the course is a one-year programme. One can study the foundations of business management without letting go of the applied, practical aspects of your management education. The course will help you develop both your skills and your confidence as a manager.

University of Edinburgh Business School

Edinburgh Business School will give you an understanding of modern management issues in an ever-changing business environment. You will also get a chance to apply your knowledge to real-life management situations. This programme is ranked amongst the top 10 MIM courses by the Financial Times. The course can be considered valuable to students who are just starting out in business and those looking to progress in their existing careers.

Durham University Business School

Taught by a world-class faculty and supported by international-quality research, this intensive one-year, full-time MIM programme will help you develop the analytical and practical skills recruiters value. Durham University is an elite business school with triple-accreditation. Alongside building strong foundations in critical analysis, you’ll also be exposed to the practical experience of tackling challenges and grasping opportunities.

University of Bath School of Management

One of the UK’s leading business schools ranked 1st in the country for Marketing and Top 5 for Accounting and Finance, the University gives opportunities to a diverse group of students from all over the world. The 2019-20 class included 20 nationalities with degrees in engineering, law, languages and arts. This MIM course lasts 1 year.

Alliance Manchester Business School

Aspirants of MIM in this college will have the opportunity to participate in an organized company visit to experience real-life applications of international business and management concepts covered in the curriculum. They will also get a chance to work with renowned researchers in the fields of international management, multinational strategy, corporate social responsibility, inclusive value chains etc. This course is ranked 5th in the UK and 24th Globally (QS Business Masters Rankings 2021)

Cranfield School of Management

By studying Msc Management in Cranfield you will have the chance to gain invaluable work experience at a company through a three-month in-company internship project. Plus, you get to spend 1 month in Spain where you will be immersed in Spanish culture while studying 2 of your modules. The course is 13 months long.


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