Best Universities In Canada For MBA

Best Universities In Canada For MBA

Every year, there are millions of MBA aspirants trying to get into a decent business school. As a result, Canada has become a very student-friendly country over the past few decades. Consequently, many business schools have emerged in Canada to facilitate their educational growth. This article is dedicated to those students who are willing to know the best Universities in Canada for MBA from where they can receive their dream education.

Why Choose Canada?

Firstly, the reasons why you should choose Canada over other countries is because of its cross-cultural tolerance, higher living standards, cheap and quality educational institutions with a friendly post-studies working environment.

Unlike some of the other neighbouring countries, if you do good in your college or university here in Canada you are more likely to be kept as a part of the nation and will be provided with work contracts within 6 months. The major cities of Canada for a lovely stay are Vancouver, Montreal, Quebec City, and Toronto.

One of the major questions asked by many is why should you join an MBA curriculum. Well, there are a few advantages of pursuing an MBA in the best Universities in Canada and they start with the fact that there are smooth internship facilities with the help of which you will be able to gather tremendous work experience. Plus, you get your visa fast and in a much simpler way.

The best Universities in Canada for MBA will train you so well that the careers of MBA professionals coming out of Canada are more likely to be successful than other neighboring nations. The real-world understanding of businesses and how it works helps students in dealing with the work culture in a much-sophisticated manner. The best Universities in Canada for MBA rank high globally when it comes to the quality of education.

To take a wholesome view, your total expense would not cross 40,000 CAD which amounts to roughly 22 lakhs. Even if there are more expensive colleges around in Canada, you are more likely to receive scholarships and other work opportunities with which you can pay off your day to day expenses.

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List of best Universities in Canada for MBA

1. University of Alberta

The Alberta School of business brings out your leadership qualities with the help of their extremely high-quality faculty. Thus, it is one of the best Canadian Universities. This two-year program is likely to make you hone your knowledge and skills alongside granting you opportunities to learn from the practical field cases too. You are likely to get more attention from the high-class faculty members since the size of their classes is not too much. This college ranks No.3 in Canada and No.93 in the global rankings by Times Higher Education 2020.

2. Simon Fraser University

The full-time MBA program is for one year and four months of real-world training as trainees. Every class will roughly hold about 50 students and hence, the teaching staff will have their eyes and ears on you. For international students, the fee structure is roughly 30 lacs. A real big deal for entrepreneurial souls like you because this MBA Canada program will provide you services like RADIUS, Coast Capital Savings Venture Connection, and VentureLabs. Thus, this is one of the best Canadian Universities.

3. Wilfrid Laurier University

The Lazaridis School of Business provides for a one year MBA program at the Waterloo campus where every alternate weekend is scheduled for real-time working experience. You will get to choose specialized subjects from within this one year program. This school of business arranges for a two-week business trip where students learn from business meetings and company tours in the countries you get to visit.

4. Mcgill University  

This MBA Canada programme is one of the better facilities available in Canada. This course for MBA Canada provides for a better understanding of the business world and strives to make you a strategic powerhouse. The duration of the program is about 20 months and it will change your career path for the better. This University is truly an embodiment of cross-cultural education in Canada where there are 60% or more students belonging from 60 odd countries. The last two semesters are all about internships and honing your real-world problem-solving skills while working for a fee.  The total fee structure roughly stands at around 24 lakhs plus 8 lakhs worth of food, lodging, ancillary fees transportation and other personal expenses.

5. Memorial University of Newfoundland

There are twenty courses available for you to finish in your two-year full-time programme. The courses include business ethics and leadership skills and international business. Also, business fundamentals such as economics and finance and accounting and organizational behaviour can be learnt. management, statistics, marketing, information systems, human resources and strategic management. Plus, you will be given a real-world exposure for you to learn how to tackle business problems on your own.

6. Dalhousie University

Firstly, you can get into this MBA Canada program without having any prior working experience directly from the graduation level. As a result, this program stretches to 22 months of academic and 8 months of paid work term in Canada. Apart from a world-class faculty, you are going to get yourself a specialist support staff. You are going to deal with departments like Accounting and Finance and Technology and Management and Entrepreneurship (TIME). You can also learn Chain and Decision Sciences and Marketing and Management and Strategy.

7. York University

To begin with, this program is ranked no.1 in Canada by Corporate Knights, Forbes magazine, and CNN Expansion. Consequently, there are 18 specialization courses where you can specialize in particular fields of business management. The program teaches you to take up leadership roles and makes you understand how to solve problems in the real-time world.

8. University of Manitoba

The full-time MBA will take you 2 years and the part-time will take you six months. There are flexible course hours available for you to avail so that you can keep working and learning at the same time. You can customize the program, master the fundamentals and experience new horizons before you dive deep into your career.

9. Rotman School of Management

Firstly, a Global top 5 rankings come for a reason. As a result, you will get to focus on Brand Management, Business Design, Consulting, Financial Reporting, etc. The fee structure is around 32 lakhs and odd plus 10 lakhs worth of transportation, food and lodging expenses.

10. Queen’s University

To start with, this is a 12 month Masters program providing you with a broader perspective of global business scenario and cross-cultural management challenges. Consequently, the global ranking is pretty decent too, posted at No. 78 according to QS rankings. Your fees for this college would be 49 lakhs plus another 10 lakhs for food and lodging.

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