Budget-friendly Masters in US

Budget-friendly Masters in US

The US is one of the many countries with the most diverse cultures. It has been an academic and traveling dream for many students across nations. With the highest number of best-ranking colleges in the world, you can earn an elite persona and Masters to distinguish yourself from other folks in the same industry or even career fields. Here’s how you can study Masters in US without having to spend too much.

Why study Masters in US?

With world-class academics and renowned faculty in the colleges to learn new cultures every day, it is a roller coaster waiting for you. You can aim for highly ranked world Universities with academic flexibility. Moreover, this means that you can choose or change your major at any point while you’re studying. Precisely, if you do not like your course now you can always opt for another! Additionally, you’ll be going to a foreign university with great facilities and many more resources than you can imagine.

Studying in foreign universities opens up more opportunities for learning new cultures and helps you with your communication skills. Moreover, the experience can bring excitement while it can also help you improve your social and communication skills. Additionally, you can improve your language too!

Gaining welcoming behaviors from other international students or the natives can help you break the ice. Because, without any language barrier, your confidence builds. Professionally and personally, confidence can help you step up to greater heights. 

An international diploma/degree can play in your court in the job market! Statistically, students with international degrees/diplomas have higher access to job opportunities. Be it the country of your choice for studying or your home country. The work possibilities for international degrees hold a lot more importance.

How cost-effective is it to Masters in US?

Without any restrictions in continuing with the major, many universities have been excelling in gathering international students. To conclude, you can major in any field, you think of while having better job prospects.

However, studying in the US could be a little heavy on your pockets. Hence, every student who aspires on obtaining a degree from any foreign university looks for a scholarship or a budget-friendly higher education.

This is where the aspirants could learn the benefits provided by the Lakshmipat Singhania Education Foundation. The foundation allows the aspirant to carry out their dreams in a full swing amidst the pandemic and provides a budget-friendly and international Masters’s.

Heard of the Indian plus International Masters?

The US colleges are planning to start classes in the fall semester with most resorting to online teachings. And for the universities still preferring physical classes are maintaining all the guidelines for the prevention of Covid-19.  For the students aspiring to acquire a Masters in the US from a prestigious college can apply for the LSEF-UMASS scholarship.

The LSEF (Lakshmipat Singhania Education Foundation) with UMASS (University of Massachusetts) provides a scholarship to the meritorious students. 

The foundation in collaboration with the UMASS provides a scholarship for driven, passionate students. The students would be the representatives of India and also benchmark at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. The program outlined by them is inclusive of three courses and a lot more for the whole benefit of the aspirants.

What are the benefits of the program?

The program allows the aspirant to experience the academics and other varieties of benefits provided by the two distinct universities.

The program requires the student to undertake 2 years of postgraduate studies. One year at the host institution in India (JK Lakshmipat University, Jaipur) and one year at the University of Massachusetts. This allows the student to remain in their host country amidst the ongoing pandemic.

JK Lakshmipat University, an advent of JK organization is a top private university based in Jaipur. Passionate about building the country’s most innovative higher education institution offering a unique education solution.

JKLU operates under the patronage of the LSEF providing a diversified field of degrees for you to be future-ready with 21st-century skills. With the offers that the college provides one is ready to tackle the data world and have expertise in research or any other courses offered.

A few world-class universities like the University of Florida, University of Massachusetts, Olin College of Engineering, St. Cloud State University, and more to count on. JKLU, the host University is in collaboration with the above-stated colleges.

Scholarship Offered

The aspirants would be provided with a grant and not a loan. Scholarships up to 50% of the academic tuition which amount up to Rs. 20,00,000 each are awarded to chosen candidates.  In the year 2019, scholarships worth Rs. 1.2 crore were granted to the aspirants.

The courses funded by the foundation carry too many academic benefits for the aspirant since they have been designed with UMASS. The program is inclusive of three courses.

  • M.S in Data Analytics and Computational Social Sciences
  • M.S in Resource Economics
  • Masters in Public Policy

Merits and Scope of Courses

Every course that the program offers has its benefits and vast career choices.

Data Analytics

Firstly, Data analysts take heaps of data and probe it to spot trends, make forecasts, and extract information. This helps employers and employees to make better-informed business decisions.

Additionally, their field of working is as expandable as it gets. If you want to work on Wall Street, you’ll be working at the big investment banks, hedge funds, and more. For example, you can work in the healthcare industry, marketing, retail, and so on. It mainly depends on your employer.

Computational Social Science

To begin with, Computational Social Science is associated with the computational approach to social science. The Social phenomenon is analyzed, simulated, and modeled through a computer. Moreover, it is an exciting time to be in social science. 

Computational Social Science (CSS) brings together subjects like economics, political science, or sociology and combines this with skills in analytics or computer science and data science. With such skills in hand, you can have a good career prospectus like working for the Government, Non-profit and Community Organisations, Management consultancies, and the biggest of them all, Academia.

Resource Economics

First of all, Resource Economics tackles the question of the usage of the environment, our natural and human resources. Moreover, researching important societal problems and producing groundbreaking research will impacts how we approach the world. 

Additionally, this course prepares you for a career in analysis, decision making for the management, marketing, resource-based industries, and e-commerce sectors.

Public Policy

Lastly, Public Policy is your option if you want to become a part of the body which makes the decision that affects people, or the public at large. For example, be it a doctor, engineer, social scientist, you can always have a background in public policy. 

Moreover, aspirants can gain knowledge, skills, and practical experience to create meaningful social change and head any non-profit, public, or private sector.

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Special Features

First of all, OPT is Optional Practical Training, a period between undergraduate and graduation students with F-1 status. Additionally, the status allows any graduate or graduating student to be permitted by the USCIS (the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) to work for a year after the student has graduated. 

To conclude, OPT, in general, is granted only for a year, but with the scholarship, you could get 3 years of OPT. Moreover, this gives the aspirant enough time to study and work for a permanent job in the US.


  • Firstly, applicants need to be Indian citizens.
  • Secondly, candidates who have completed a minimum of three years of undergraduate (bachelor) degree in any discipline from an accredited institution or University in India are eligible to apply.
  • Thirdly, applicants should have studied Mathematics as a subject up to a minimum of 12th grade or equivalent.
  • Fourthly, applicants should have secured a minimum of 75% marks in their Undergraduate degree, 12th and 10th grades (or equivalent).
  • Lastly, GRE and TOEFL or IELTS examination scores are not mandatory for admission.

Selection Procedure

  • Firstly, submit an Expression of Interest.
  • Secondly, candidates will receive an invitation to complete and submit a free online application form along with all requirements. That includes a statement of purpose and recommendation letters.
  • Thirdly, shortlisted candidates will be invited for an aptitude assessment and personal interview with the selection committee comprising LSEF and UMass Amherst representatives.
  • Fourthly, selections will be made on a rolling basis in each round and there is only a limited number of scholarships. Hence, you must apply early.
  • Lastly, please note: Enrolled students will have to pay the prevailing application fee (currently $80) for UMass before their second year.

Hope you now have a better understanding about how you can do your Masters in US without having to spend too much.

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