Career after MIM

Career after MIM

You have decided that you will pursue MIM and gain knowledge of business and management. But after that, you have to decide the career after MIM and this blog shows up the opportunities open for MIM graduates.

The main sectors for employment after MIM are Consulting-37%, Finance-24%, High technology-8%, Consumer goods and food-7%, Industries and Utilities-6%, Media, leisure, and tourism-5%. The top business schools help their students with placement and internships. Since the course opens a wide aspect of employment for students across management and business fields they can find interesting job profiles with pocket filled packages. Few of the profiles are –

Business Development Manager

A business development manager uses all his management, analytical, and communication skills to maintain contact between clients and suppliers. On top of that, it also helps in the progression of the business. Moreover, they act as a driving force for sales. As a business development manager, one should be aware of current technology in the market to be ahead of the competitors. You need to carry out strategic planning to be profitable.

Average salary:$70,995 in USA.

Project Manager

A project manager organizes a team with his strong communication skills. Moreover, he/she plays a strong role in decision making under pressure and ensures the goals to be achieved. Utilizing all the human resources given and the technology for budgets and implementing changes the project manager brings the success of the project delivered.

Average salary: $58,570 in USA.

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Management Consultant

Firstly, a career path after MIM in Management consultancy is a bit challenge oriented role. You will be working with clients for their business improvements by understanding their business goals. Moreover, it requires data collection and analyzing it which helps to strategize the requirements.

Average salary:$84,963 in USA.


Entrepreneurship after MIM is an own initiative, where you can gain an advantage with the business knowledge gained from MIM and your interest to start a new venture. The statistical, analytical skills along with the foundation of business knowledge help in strategizing the plans for long term success.

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MIM graduates have the option for landing in a career in various business fields like Accounting, Marketing, Consulting, Operations, and Logistics with their designation as a Management trainee, Financial Service Analyst, Graduate Research Analyst, and much more.

Moreover, the average salary is $68000 to $98000 per year for students graduating from top business schools. Organizations such as BNP Paribas, Morgan Stanley, A.T Kearney, L’Oreal, BCG, Mckinsey prefer MIM graduates for their multidisciplinary skills and provide a platform to learn and grow. Starting an earlier career with a handful of packages is possible with MIM compared to MBA.

The growth is even quicker due to knowledge of business skills and an experience adds up the weightage.

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