Challenges you Face while Studying Abroad

Challenges you Face while Studying Abroad


Are you planning to study abroad? If yes, then with world-wide recognition and invaluable opportunities, you will face many challenges there. It may come because of homesickness, language issues, or even financial crises at times. There are several challenges you face while studying abroad!

Hence, here’s a brief list of challenges to name a few –

HOMESICKNESS challenge you face while studying abroad

homesickness challenges you face while studying abroad

Living away from your family is not a cup of tea especially when you are unfamiliar with the surrounding. Suddenly you start embracing all the things that you detested the most, your siblings and parents for their love, and attention. This is one of the major challenges you face while studying abroad.

But you should remember when you leave away from your family, your family is your support, they are extremely conscious about what is happening in your neighborhood. Believe me, your parents will be more than updated from the news and technology. You won’t belong to see them because you will be connected to them via technology, video calls.

As well, homesickness is a spontaneous feeling that you will manage. Once you have adapted to your surroundings, making new friends and exploring the incredible monuments and places, you will begin to appreciate the place. You will get away from homesickness soon!


You are very well familiar with your native language and culture, but the same cannot be believed when you study abroad. Even if you have been practicing the language for long, still you will face some challenges while communicating. The locals will be fluent in communicating, and you will face a problem understanding their strong local accent.

The locals will be fluent in communicating, and you will face a problem understanding their strong local accent. First of all, you should be feeling unashamed for mispronouncing or miscommunication rather take it as your learning opportunity. This is not a challenge but a more efficient way of familiarizing yourself with the locals. They are very understanding and supportive. They will appreciate your effort.

Secondly, always wear a smile on your face. This may sound a little strange, but you should adopt a friendly attitude with the people you will meet. You may also use body language for interaction as action speaks better than words.

Also, familiarize yourself with the culture of the country. Cultures are “unwritten rules” that you won’t learn to search online rather visiting your neighbor.


getting lost challenges you face while studying abroad

Even after studying maps for several times, you may end up in some unfamiliar places. In that situation, you should not panic. Take a deep breath and relax for a few seconds. You should trust yourself you will find the way out. Alice from the Alice Lost in Wonderland found a way to get out of the place, so why cannot you!

To conquer this challenge, always prepare yourself for an adventure in the city. Write down helpful phrases in the local language pertaining to your situation, like “Help me, I am lost” or “Will you help me” or “Will you please direct me to”. You should equally know how to use google map and a travel guidebook in case your mobile doesn’t respond.

You should on top keep a stash of emergency cash and some helpline numbers of locals in case you get lost or to get rid of any trouble you face.


finance and currency difference challenges you face while studying abroad

To overcome the situation of the finances while studying abroad, you should be familiar with the conversions of currencies and changes in the currencies’ notes. Worrying finances can be one of the most stressful challenges you face while studying abroad.

Second, you will be juggling with your ongoing expenses on the top of your study expenses. But you can easily overcome this challenge easily by managing and making sure you have enough cash at home by:

1. Taking up the advantage of scholarships offered by various institutions or by searching it online. You will find plenty of scholarships.

2. Take time and cook food for yourself. If you buy a meal from outside, you will end up wasting much money. What’s more, it is unhealthy to keep eating food outside deteriorating your health.

3. Communicating with locals helps to know the ordinary price for staple items.

4. Get health insurance done as medical expenses can be costly abroad.

5. Collect cash for some emergencies as you don’t know which surprise is waiting for you.


Studying abroad for higher education can prove to be challenging. Just like the language barriers, you won’t be familiar with their academic curriculum and at times, you feel like an alien. You may run into difficulties at the beginning of a new college or university but as you are comprehending a new language, this difficulty will be overshadowed.

You should be aware academic difficulties will come and so be better prepared for it. Take the help writing tools and reach out to seniors for their suggestions, as they may guide you properly and various respects.

Always keep yourself motivated and charged up, because you always wanted it and you can’t let your academic difficulties overburden your fear. Always reach out for the classes as ample of opportunities are waiting inside the class and related to it


time zone annoyances challenges you face while studying abroad

 Navigating to two time zones on opposite ends of the planet can be frustrating sometimes. When you think of telephoning your native friends, ops! There is the time zone disturbance.

Initially, you will get annoyed, but it won’t be a part of the solution. Your biological cycle will take some time to adapt to the new lifestyle. But there are time-keeping apps helping you to track the time zone difference. Eventually, you and your family will get used to the time differences, and things will get easier.


visa challenges you face while studying abroad

If you are studying abroad, it might not be that meaningful as it seems but you remain a non-resident to that country, at an exchange studying program. So, you will need a specific visa to study there. You should be aware of what kind of visa you’ll need for your destination and apply for it in good time before your flight arrives. After your arrival, you might need extending your visa for studies/job/etc to avoid penalty fees (which can be unexpectedly high).

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