Oxford Clarendon Scholarship 2021 in the UK

Oxford Clarendon Scholarship 2021 in the UK

Getting into Oxford University is a dream come true for most of the students. However, it is not financially affordable for all. But what if I tell you about a fully funded scholarship that can back you upland make way for admission in your dream university? Yes! Here is the Oxford Clarendon scholarship- one of the largest scholarship schemes in the UK for Oxford University. Further, it is a fully-funded scholarship by the Clarendon Fund Steering Group. Also, it is a graduate scholarship. Additionally, 130 students each year bag this scholarship. 

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However, keep in mind that it is an extremely competitive award or scholarship. Hence only those who deserve and are the best get it. The Clarendon scholarship was launched in 2001 and was formerly known as the Clarendon fund Bursaries. Further, the Oxford University press sponsors the Clarendon funds. Additionally, it applies to all the overseas graduate students who secured a seat at Oxford University. Also, the Clarendon funds at its 10th anniversary in 2010 announced that the scholarship is now available for not only overseas students but to all nationalities and all fee statuses.  

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Who can Get the Clarendon Scholarship?

The scholarship is available for all the students of Oxford University. Additionally, the entire international as well as nationality i.e., British nationals can apply for the scholarship. This means it is available for people of all nationalities from the USA, UK, Asian countries, African countries, Middle-eastern countries, etc. Also, there are no restrictions on the subject areas, the candidate can belong to any of the subjects pertaining to any field.

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It is applicable only for Master’s students or DPhil. Thus, it does not apply to undergraduate students. Additionally, the candidate should have future academic potential. Also, the academic profile of the candidate must be very high, that is at least the candidate should score a CGPA of 3.7 out of 4. Lastly and most importantly the candidate should have the zeal and potential to bring about a positive change in society. Thus, it selects only such talented and enthusiastic students for the scholarship. 

Additionally, the candidates already enrolled in Oxford University, but are going to apply for a fresh master’s in other field or a DPhil is eligible for the Clarendon Scholarship. But the candidates studying at the university halfway through the degree are not eligible. Also, the candidates reapplying for the same course or the same subject are not eligible.  

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How to Apply for the Clarendon scholarship?

There is no lengthy procedure for the application for the Clarendon scholarship. First, the candidate should apply for admission to Oxford University. Only the current students of the Oxford University can apply for the scholarship. And are automatically selected for the Clarendon scholarship. Hence, the candidate is selected only if apart from getting admission, the candidate satisfies the above criteria. The details of the selection process of the Clarendon scholarship are here. 

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Selection Process

  • Excellent academic record: As mentioned earlier, only the best if the best candidates are selected for a scholarship, hence those with a CGPA of nothing less than 3.7 are favoured. The scholarship holders are high achievers, with a large number of prizes and awards from their previous university. They are also the top rankers of their respective institutions.
  • Future potential: The letter of recommendations and the research proposals put forth gives the assessment of the future potential and aptitude of the candidate. It selects only the candidate’s who have a high aptitude for research and he or she can contribute majorly to the field of study. 

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  • Student motivation: The evaluation of the personal statement as well as the referee’s report can determine how much dedication the student has towards his or her goal. They select only those student’s whose motivation is high and he or she shows good interest and determination in the field.

Also, keep in mind that they judge you on the above three criteria simultaneously, thus, you need to check all the above boxes to bag the scholarship.

The Clarendon Scholarship value and coverage

The following is the coverage of the Clarendon scholarship.

  • It waves off the entire tuition fee of the student.
  • The cost of living of the candidate is provided annually for all Clarendon Scholarship holders. 

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Thus, the Clarendon Scholarship not only gives you the opportunity to study at Oxford University for free but also covers your personal expenses. The scholarship funds come from various partners but it claims that the addition or deletion of any partner does not make any difference in the provision of the scholarship amount.  

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The applications for Clarendon Scholarship have a deadline of January, hence, if you are eligible then hurry up and apply now. Click here to check out their official website

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In conclusion, the Clarendon Scholarship is a golden opportunity for students aspiring to study at Oxford University. The scholarship also acts as a driving force to better and higher achievement in your degree. Further, it creates a community of Clarendon Scholar Associates that help you build a network of hard working friends. Moreover, it makes you stand apart from others. If you need any help for scholarship processes abroad, contact us at ForeignAdmits.