Scholarship Exams for Engineering Students

Scholarship Exams for Engineering Students

Eager to earn a degree in engineering? Engineering is the most sought-after job in India, as we all know. The cost of engineering studies is too high, which not everyone can afford. So, here is the list of the best scholarship tests for engineering in India.

1. All India Scholarship Entrance Exam (AISEE)

For aspirants in India, AISEE serves as a national level merit-based scholarship entrance test.

Since its launch, AISEE has fed the dreams of India’s more than 2 lakh skilled engineers and medical students.

This package provides all students who choose to receive help with their higher studies with higher education incentives.

Dream Big Scholarship

Also, as per the Ministry of Finance Act 1994, the review board registers with India’s Central Excise Department. Further, the AISEE program aims to give financial assistance through the AISEE tests to worthy engineering and medical students.

AISEE started two scholarship programs.

1. Medical and Engineering AISEE 2020 Scholarship

2. AISEE-2020 Medical and Engineering Aspirants Open Book Scholarship

The AISEE will usually be held in April and May. Also, the test will be held all over India in Online mode (Computer Based Test) only. Further, the reward will be funded for the respective students, based on their scores on the test.

To apply, click here.

2. Nationwide Education and Scholarship Test (NEST)

NEST is a national-level scholarship test. Also, with the NEST project, without the matter of financial constraints, students seek it to help the very talented and likely ones to go after their studies free of stress. It is also viable to fill the form via online and offline mode.

For this degree, students must enrol at an Indian college or university. Based on their results in an online assessment given last year by the NEST team, it enlists qualified applicants.

3. Central Sector Scheme of Scholarship

Under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, the Department of Higher Education also takes applications from class 12 students who are studying at university for the Central Sector Scholarship Scheme for College and University Students. The goal is to help the financially weaker students by granting them financial aid for their regular expenses when studying. Above all, it saves 82, 000 scholarships for those who aim for an undergrad course. In contrast, nearly 41,000 girls and boys get the chance.

4. Indian Oil Corporation Scholarships (IOCL) 

Indian Oil sponsors the young generation every year for their merit in academics and sports, with a focus on spreading the light of education among worthy students from parts of society that are economically and socially deprived. We have the IOCL Scheme that provides College and Sports Scholarships for this purpose.

5. Aditya Birla Fellowship

For students seeking academic courses from schools such as IITs, IIMs, BITS Pilani, and Law Colleges of India, the Aditya Birla Group carries out this scholarship scheme. It takes students based on their academic excellence. They need to go through the interview round to apply for the final choice after short-listing.

List of Scholarships without IELTS

6. Pragati Scholarship

This is an AICTE scholarship by the central government for engineering students. The contingency goes to meritorious girls accepted to the Degree/Diploma Technical Institution approved by AICTE.

In a year, AICTE provides nearly 4000 scholarships to shortlisted girls students. For qualifying students who want to enrol in higher classes up to Diploma / Degree Courses, the Pragati Saksham Scholarship 2021-22 is available.

7. Saksham Scholarship

This is an AICTE scholarship given by the central government for engineering students. The contingency goes to students of varying abilities accepted to the Degree/ Diploma Educational Institution approved by AICTE. Total Scholarship Number-1000 per annum (500 for Degree and 500 for Diploma).

In the case of the non-availability of a qualifying candidate in any degree/Diploma level course, the scholarship for a degree and diploma is transferable.

8. NTPC Scholarship Scheme

In NTPC, the aim of training children despite their context takes the form of positive action. The group has initiated the system to support the Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe/Physically Disabled students’ academic interests and help them shape their roles.

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9. IET India Fellowship

The Institution of Engineering and Technology is known as one of the engineering and technology society’s leading technical groups. This is one of the honours offered to students in engineering and provides college-wide financial aid.

10. North-South Foundation Fellowship

The North-South Foundation (NSF) offers rewards for engineering undergrad students. It intends to rear success in deprived children who have educational skills but need help to attend college. To find worthy students, NSF has standardised eligibility terms. To meet their search for skill in their picked fields, NSF has given more than 20,000 awards to students who need financial help.

FAQs on Scholarship Exams for Engineering

Q. Is there any scholarship for engineering students?

The American Society of Naval Engineers issues awards for undergrad and grad students seeking engineering jobs. The scholarships are worth $2,500 for undergrads and $3,500 for grad students. Only United States citizens are qualified to apply for ASNE scholarships.

Q. Can one get the scholarship in IIT?

As per the latest statement by the HRD Minister, it will be Rs 75,000 per month scholarship, which would be given to 1,000 students (in higher education institutes). Presently, researcher-students get Rs.25,000 as a monthly scholarship at IITs.

Q. Who can apply for NSP Scholarship 2020?

The parental/family income ceiling is Rs. 8 lakh per year for all sections under the scheme and is applicable from the Academic Session 2018-19. Only fresh applicants need an income certificate. A student will be fit for the scholarship for a total term of not more than 5 years.