Interior Designing Courses in the UK

Interior Designing Courses in the UK

Are you thinking of pursuing a career in Interior Designing in the UK?

The students who study the Interior Designing Course are eligible to decorate many people’s homes. If we go by Interior Designing, we get two words Interior + Designing. As we all know the meaning of these two words, we can easily understand that this course means designing the interiors.

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Therefore, if you have the skills and a creative mind, you can quickly excel in the field. Moreover, the UK is an excellent choice for pursuing a degree.

Read on to get information on the Interior Designing Courses in the UK and bring your creativity to the world while earning good money.

Job opportunities after MEM in the UK

The UK as a Study Destination

The United Kingdom is a perfect study destination to provide an excellent education. The country offers many scholarships along with an ideal environment to study. You can also have a wonderful life and learn about the country’s history and architecture while also witnessing the beauty.

It is a well-known fact that the universities in the UK come at the top positions in the world’s rankings. The universities believe in the top class education and equip the students with research knowledge and necessary skills.

The UK universities have all kinds of courses and some special courses like MiM that make students learn the management skills to succeed.

Interior Design Courses in the UK

Let us now discuss the main topic- Interior Design Courses in the UK. You can have an incredible career if you opt to study for a degree from the UK.

The universities offer the course at all degree levels, be it a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree. All you need to have is a will to complete the course.

The UK’s infrastructure and beautiful home decors prove the level of education and skills you can get. The universities build you with innovative ideas to design a beautiful interior. Moreover, the universities offer work placements to make you practice more.

Master’s with Placement Year in the UK

Top Colleges Offering Interior Designing Courses in the UK

This segment will list the top excellent colleges in the concerned field.

  1. Royal College Art, London, comes at the top in the UK for the interior designing course. This college offers a Master’s in the subject (MA) to make students analyze and build creative and innovative designs.
  2. University of Arts, London, offers degrees in Interior design in many disciplines. The university is a collection of many different colleges in the concerned field. You can study various courses related to Interior design from any college of UAL.
  3. The Glasgow School of Art offers a Bachelor’s degree in the course. Moreover, the university has a studio for students to work and showcase their skills.
  4. Goldsmiths, University of London has three degrees in the Interior Designing course – Bachelor’s, Masters and a Ph.D./MPhil. A student can choose any level of study by fulfilling the required criteria.
  5. Loughborough University believes in imparting creative thinking and innovative ideas to the students. The university offers a world-class education with various levels of study.

The above universities were the top in the subject. In addition to these, other universities in the UK, such as Oxford University, Brunel University, and UCL, have interior designing courses in their curriculum. Moreover, all these universities are among the top ones in the rankings. Also, many scholarships are available for international students to study in their dream destination.

Work Opportunities After an Interior Designing Course in the UK

A student can get a job in many sectors to build beautiful interiors for their workspace. They can land jobs in decorating hospitals, hotels, shops, temples, churches, and residential.

You can work with the design industry by being a part of their team. Alternatively, you can work individually by opening your start-up or office. In addition to these, a student can also work as a freelancer and earn a considerable amount of money.

After earning a degree from the UK, the average salary of an interior designer is around £22,000 after three months and £21,000 after five years.

Therefore, the UK is a clear choice to pursue the course.

Top UK Universities Accepting 15 years of Qualification


In conclusion, there are many benefits of studying the Interior Designing course from the UK.

Firstly, you will achieve a quality level of education. Secondly, you can avail yourself of many scholarships to study. Thirdly, the universities in the UK are considered at the top for the course worldwide. Fourthly, you can have an excellent career by working in the industries. Furthermore, Lastly, the earnings are lovely.

Above all, the UK is a perfect choice to study.

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