Improvement Exam- How to Apply and Other Details

Improvement Exam- How to Apply and Other Details

When you haven’t performed well in an examination, throughout the day your mind wanders around the thought “if I had a second chance I would have done better”. So is the case of many students after giving boards. CBSE, however, gives you this golden second chance to improve your grades and get into the dream university or stream. To know the entire procedure of the improvement exam read till the end.

For getting into the desired stream you have particular cut-off marks and scoring below that shatters your dreams but not if you wait for an improvement. The same is the case for getting into top universities, especially if you want to apply for scholarships you have to score above 90% to 95% for most universities. It is better to give improvement and qualify for scholarships than to compromise and attend any other ordinary college. Improvement exams are conducted every year for students who have passed boards.

The best part of the improvement exam is that even if you fail in them then it won’t affect your report card at all. In fact, your improvement marks are considered only if you have them higher than before.

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Improvement Exam

It is an exam for those candidates who are not satisfied with their grades. Improvement Exam is mainly conducted for students who have already passed their boards and received their mark sheets and they want to improve their grades. It is conducted by all boards including state and central but their set of rules vary. In this article, we will talk about the Central Board of Secondary Education.

To give or not to give an improvement exam is sceptical, but knowing the fact that it has more pros than cons will clear the air.

First of all, you will get a SECOND chance, which means you won’t have the regret of not trying harder the next time. Who doesn’t want another chance?

Second of all, if at all you didn’t score well or failed it will never affect your result. It will be erased like a bad memory.

Thirdly, you can procure your dream college or university, attain your scholarship, be able to afford education abroad and make all your wishes come true.

The only disadvantage of improvement exam the wait. You have to wait for almost one year to be able to give the exam and then the result. But if in your case the pros prevail the cons then you should definitely give it a try.

How to Apply for improvement Exam

If you are a regular CBSE student then you need to let your school know that you want to give the Improvement exam and they will apply online along with all the other students. But for private candidates, the process needs to be done online individually.

You need to visit the official website, check for the link to applications for improvement exam, and click on it. Fill in all the details in the form and upload the required documents in the proper format. You also need to pay the fee online through bank challan. You will get the full application form that can be downloaded and printed for future reference.


The last date for filing of form and fee payment is mostly till October, and with a late fee of 5000 till April. The application fee for the improvement exam is 200 while the exam fee for five subjects is Rs. 600 in other states and Rs. 400 in Delhi. The fee for an additional subject is Rs. 250 in other states and Rs. 150 in Delhi.

The practical exam fee per project or practical is Rs. 40 for all India and Rs. 25 for Delhi. Overseas students have a different fee structure. They have five subject fees as Rs. 4000 and an additional subject fee as Rs. 1000. For the practical exam, it is Rs. 125. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the last date of improvement exam fee payment?

Mostly without a late fee, it is from 30 September to early October. From then on there is a late fee of Rs. 500, Rs. 1000, Rs. 2000 and Rs. 5000 till April.

Q2. What happens if I score less in my improvement exam?

There is no effect in your mark sheet if you score less in improvement. The whole point of giving the improvement exam is to make your result look better and if that doesn’t happen then it is not counted.

Q3. What happens if I fail my improvement exam?

It will not be considered in the final report. There is no such thing as a compartment for improvement, which means failing in it will not affect your result.

Q4. How does improvement affect my career?

If you want to opt for a competitive field or any college or university that has high cut off marks then giving improvement can save your career from crashing even before it began. All universities and institutes consider improvement scores.

Q5. How many times can I appear for the improvement exam?

You can give one improvement exam for each subject.

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