SERB – Applications Open Under ABHYAAS

SERB – Applications Open Under ABHYAAS

SERB (Science and Engineering Research Board) is inviting researchers to submit proposals under their mission “ABHYAAS” (WINTER SEASON) which comes under the Accelerate Vigyan Scheme launched by the Union Government’s Science and Engineering Research Board. The call for inviting applications under components of “KAARYASHALA” and “VRITIKA” for the winter season (Nov 2021 -Jan 2022) will be open for two months (01st Mar–30th Apr 2021).

The Purpose Of Research And Its Characteristics


Mission ‘ABHYAAS’ attempts to boost Research and Development in the country by enabling and grooming potential PG / PhD level students by developing dedicated research skills in selected areas/fields through high-end workshops and research internships. The main aim is to expand the research base in the country. The Mission is achieved through two of its subcomponents/programs, namely ‘KARYASHALA’ (High-End Workshops) and ‘VRITIKA’ (Research Internships).

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VRITIKA is the call for initiation and practice in science through research internships. This program aims to provide promising PG students from universities and colleges to get exposure and hands-on research experience. Organisations/institutions/laboratories of national importance such as IITs, IISc, IISERs, NITs, CSIR, ICAR, ICMR etc., facilitate these internships. This is especially important for those researchers who have limited opportunities to access such learning capacities/facilities/infrastructure.


KARYASHALA program supports motivated PG and PhD level students who have a strong willingness to get excellence in their scientific and engineering research pursuits. However, the support doesn’t directly come to the beneficiaries. It comes through the Event-Organizers applying for and coordinating these events on behalf of SERB.


  • Faculty/Scientists working in Central higher learning institutions and research such as IITs, IISc, IISERs, NITs, and other institutions and laboratories of eminence like CSIR, ICAR, ICMR, etc. are eligible.
  • The proposals may be submitted on the established areas of Science and Engineering available in the Institute. However, SERB may also invite proposals for ‘KARYASHALA’ and ‘VRITIKA’ from the institutes based on identified thrust areas.
  • SERB reserves to fix up the limit of the number of applicants to be entertained in a particular workshop
  • The Event Organizers should plan the training activities for potential research students’ maximum participants in generic break periods in summer (May – July) and winter (November – January) to encourage the potential research students’ maximum participants.
  • For ‘VRITIKA’, One supervisor can take a maximum of 5 (five) participants for an internship at a time. However, the Institute / University / Department / Division / Centre, as a whole, may accommodate as many interns as they can fulfil the criteria of a maximum of 5 interns per Supervisor (Event Organizer).
  • In a workshop, not more than 25 student participants should be accommodated.

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  • The application for VRITIKA should be applied through ONLINE mode at Accelerate Vigyan web portal to consider SERB funding support. The proposal, if approved, the institute should invite well-formulated applications from the PG level students.  For ‘KARYASHALA’, the institute would invite well-formulated applications from the PG and PhD level students.
  • The Event Organizer (Faculty/Scientist) should register at Accelerate Vigyan web portal first and follow the instructions given in the web portal to submit the proposals.
  • The application can be submitted online mode only when the call for proposal is on.
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The Submission Deadline is: 30th April 2021

We hope this article was helpful to give you an insight into the ABHYAAS scheme.