Study in Canada as an Indian student- A Complete Guide

Study in Canada as an Indian student- A Complete Guide

This blog will guide you to study in Canada as an Indian student. Canada stands high in terms of education. According to facts, the literacy rate in Canada is around 99%. Moreover, the country has top-rated universities that excel in every field.

However, the question arises: How to study in Canada from India? There is no need to worry as this blog has all your answers. So, relax and read.

Studying in Canada

Do you ever think about why Canada has become more prevalent in recent years for education? The answer is because of the outstanding quality of education. Canada has an excellent image in terms of education. The universities here are among the top ones.

Moreover, the universities offer a wide range of bachelor’s, Master and doctoral programs. Since Canada believes in a high standard of education, the universities have a combination of subjects. For instance, there is a program in Management (MiM) similar to MBA yet is different from it.

MCA in Canada – What you need to know?

Yes. There is no doubt that Indian students prefer Canada as their study destination. And we don’t feel any reason to counter them. We also believe that Canada is a clear and perfect choice for Indian students.

Firstly, they welcome students with great warmth. This gesture makes Indians comfortable in their land. Secondly, English is the official language there, along with French. So, there is no issue of a language barrier. Thirdly, they have universities among the top universities, so the education is terrific. The degrees are acceptable globally. And Lastly, they promote the overall development of a student such that they may not face any difficulties in their jobs.

In addition to these, they have many scholarships, and the tuition fees are pretty affordable. Moreover, there is also not much problem with accommodation costs.

One year courses in Canada

Top Universities to Study in Canada for an Indian Student

Although each university is good and well renowned, however, we here are providing you with some leading universities that excel in overall scores-

  1. University of Toronto
  2. The University of British Columbia
  3. York University
  4. University of Alberta
  5. University of Waterloo
  6. McGill University
  7. Queen’s University
  8. Western University
  9. University of Calgary
  10. Université de Montréal
  11. McMaster University

This is a two-year program that costs you around 10-60L. However, the costs depend upon the university. Read more.


Unlike MBA, this program doesn’t require prior work experience.

Cognitive Science

This program enables you to apply your skills to intelligence and a process of thinking and understanding.


A degree in Psychology makes you perfect for dealing with the mental health of humans.

In addition to these, degrees in Engineering, IT, Medicine are also available in Canadian universities.

Top Universities in Canada for MS in Computer Science

Requirements to Study in Canada as an Indian Student

This segment will guide you with the requirements to learn in Canada for an Indian student.

First, you need to have your required academic transcripts- 10th, 12th (For Bachelors) + Bachelors (For Master’s) program. The grades should be equivalent to their study system.

Secondly, a valid passport to enter the country.

Thirdly, proof of English Language tests such as TOEFL, IELTS. However, many similar test results are also accepted by universities. Fourthly, they also see if you can finance your study and living costs. And lastly, the study permit proves that you are officially allowed to study in Canadian universities.

In addition to these, you can also check for different scholarships that Canada offers, and you can also work while pursuing your education. So, yes, Canada is indeed a perfect choice for Indian students.


This blog post is all about how you can study in Canada as an Indian student. From top Universities to top programs and the requirements are all covered in this post. Kindly go through our guide and start your applications right away!

We are just a call away! Starting your applications at the earliest is very necessary. Therefore, we at ForeignAdmits guide you with a step-by-step process about studying abroad.