Study in Ireland for Indian students [The Complete Guide]

Study in Ireland for Indian students [The Complete Guide]

There is something magical about Ireland. It is the land of elves, leprechauns, castles, warriors and balladeers. Here, we list the requirements to study in Ireland for Indian Students

The Republic of Ireland is not to be confused with Northern Ireland, which is still an integral part of the United Kingdom. Ireland’s 800 years of struggle under the British monarchy was intrigue, strife, famine, progress and intellectual development. Some of the most famous works in English Literature were written during that time.

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Writers like George Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde and James Joyce are all part of the Irish literary world.

Ireland Government Scholarship 2021

Education System in Ireland

Educational institutes in Ireland are mainly classified into three categories: private independent colleges, universities and institute of technologies.

Irish universities are autonomous but are funded by the state government. The universities have many courses in graduate studies and post-graduation studies. There are seven universities in Ireland.

There are 14 Institute of Technologies, and they have diploma, certificate and degree programs in areas like business, linguistics, science and engineering.

Private independent colleges have certificate, degree and vocational programs on offer in fields like art & design, rural development, business studies and law.

Ireland accepts students with 15 years of education for postgraduate studies. It’s a young country and has over 200,000 international students as of now.

Why study in Ireland?

  • Firstly, the quality of Irish education is one of the best in Europe.
  • Secondly, educational institutes in Ireland excel in many disciplines and is very well known for its research and teaching.
  • Further, it is a hub for technological innovations and scientific research.
  • Also, it is the only English-speaking country in the Eurozone.
  • Irish universities further are in the top 1% of research institutions in global research impact.
  • Home to companies such as Google, Medtronics and Microsoft
  • Lonely Planet has also voted Dublin as the world’s friendliest city on multiple occasions.
  • Also, the surroundings and people are friendly, and nature is hospitable.
  • The extraordinary landscape and beautiful places to visit while studying in Ireland.
  • Moreover, international students studying at Irish institutions have options to work part-time for 20 hours /week.
  • Besides, the rate of unemployment here is as less as 4.4%.
  • Above all, courses are globally recognised and accredited by leading academic bodies.
  • Finally, there is a strong Asian community.

Why choose Ireland for Masters?

Irish student visa requirements

Indian students who wish to study in Ireland must apply for a visa before they travel. Students will be required to have accepted an offer of a recognised program of study in Ireland and to have a receipt of payment letter from a college in Ireland before you can begin the process of applying for your visa overseas to study in Ireland.

Students from the EU do not need a visa to study in Ireland.

English language requirements to study in Ireland

Any student wishing to get admission into an Irish university must meet the minimum English language requirements. We recommend all students to undergo IELTS preparation before getting enrolled in an Irish university.

Each college and university have different requirement for admission, and hence you as an applicant must keep checking the official websites for the latest notifications.

Tuition fees in Ireland

Indian undergraduate students

  • Arts and humanities: €10,000 – €16,500
  • Business: €10,000 – €16,000
  • Engineering: €10,000 – €21,600
  • Medicine: €31,000 – €50,000
  • Sciences: €10,000 – €21,600

Indian postgraduate students

  • Arts and humanities: €10,500 – €20,000
  • Business: €10,500 – €30,000
  • Engineering: €10,500 – €19,500
  • Medicine: €12,000 – €52,000
  • Sciences: €10,500 – €18,000

Ireland University Rankings

Furthermore, there are many options in Ireland for you to pursue your dream course. Hence, here are the top 8 universities according to their rank. This list might also help you make an informed decision on choosing the university for you.

  1. Trinity College Dublin
  2. University College Dublin
  3. National University of Ireland, Galway
  4. University College Cork
  5. Dublin City University
  6. University of Limerick
  7. Maynooth University
  8. Dublin Institute of Technology

Cost of living in Ireland

Above all, the cost of living in Ireland is must less in comparison to London or New York. Besides, Dublin and Cork have become attractive options for top tier higher education to all international students and Indian candidates. Moreover, the closeness to London allows the students to visit the United Kingdom over the weekend.

However, the exact cost of studying in Ireland may vary between 10,000 euros and 30,000 euros, depending on the candidate’s course.

Further, living cost in Ireland may range from €600 to €800 per month for international students (depends on the location of stay). The average price of food could be €200 per month.

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Scholarships for international students

Universities in Ireland provide scholarship to deserving students and fully fund the course they want to pursue at a given university.

Here are the top three famous scholarships provided by universities in Ireland:

Thus, this was a complete guide for Indian students wanting to study abroad in Ireland. We truly hope we could help you decide on studying your favourite course in your dream university in Ireland.

Good luck!

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