Top 10 Inexpensive Universities In UK For Masters

Top 10 Inexpensive Universities In UK For Masters

For those considering studying in the UK for postgraduate courses, the first major concern is the cost of the tuition fee. British universities are among the most expensive colleges to study in. But this seems to be just partly true. The reason why British education seems so expensive is not because of the college fee, but the living expenses. London is the most expensive student city in the world for Indian students. Thus, finding cheap universities in the UK for masters becomes essential for international students.

The tuition fee at most colleges is more expensive for international students compared to British or European residents. However, there are still a few colleges that are more affordable compared to others. Also, one thing to remember is that just because the tuition fee to these colleges is low, it doesn’t mean they are any less competitive. The colleges below have the lowest tuition fee and are very popular as well.

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Study Masters in UK

Staffordshire University

The university is noted for its science departments with several of its programs and departments featuring in the top 10 in the UK. University sets out in its plans to be an ethical and values-led organization and will operate as a responsible and sustainable business. It ranks in the top 100 Universities in the UK for many years. To top that, Staffordshire University is one of the cheap universities in UK for masters.

Staffordshire provides for a wide array of subjects including uncommon subjects like game visual effects, film media, and much more. If you are looking to make a change in your life and study in UK, Staffordshire is the place for you.

Apart from having teaching excellence and being at the Top 40 universities in UK list, you are guaranteed with rich cultural diversity and world-class networking. Although entry requirements for each course are different from one another, there are a few commonalities.

You will be allowed to stay over till the time your master’s course ends. Moreover, you will need to prove your English language comprehension skills to qualify. For TOEFL aspirants out there, you need to achieve 17 in listening, 20 in Speaking, 18 in Reading, and 17 in Writing. These TOEFL scores will be valid for 2 years.

You may also choose to go for other English language proficiency tests like IELTS where you need to score a minimum of 6 points overall.

  • Postgraduate (Masters), total fees-£11,500
  • Postgraduate (Extended Masters)-£12,000
  • MBA- £12,000
  • MBA International (includes overseas residential)-£12,800

Teesside University

Teesside University is consistently in the UK’s top ten for overall average international student satisfaction-International Student Barometer 2008-12. It is the first and only modern university to be named in the Times Higher Education University of the Year. The university has over 80 years of teaching excellence. The international scholarship is worth £1,500 a year.

Gather as much information you need on their open days. Teesside understands that students may feel like to change their career path and they provide unique ways to help. Moving forward in 2020, Teesside has made arrangements to mix and match between online studying and face-to-face on-campus studying.

Students aspiring to join one of the master’s degree courses may either require a minimum score in bachelor, or some professional experience or equivalent international qualifications to qualify. Moreover, various master’s degree courses require separate levels of minimum scores in IELTS.

  • Full-time postgraduate diploma courses-£10,450
  • Full-time postgraduate courses-£10,950
  • MBA-£13,000

Harper Adams University College

Commencing from just six students, Harper Adams University College was recently ranked in the top 10 for graduate employment in the UK, and this year had more than 4,000 students. Additionally, Harper Adam University is one of the cheap universities in UK for masters.

Harper Adams is one of the prime universities in uk for you in this category. Moreover, the taught programs are internationally acclaimed too. Harper Adams offers tons of courses for masters in uk. Starting from agricultural economy & law to Data Sciences, Harper Adams has been forming post graduating students at their optimum best.

Harper Adams undertakes to provide you with a COVID secure arena for you to pursue your life goals. You need to keep a personal statement and academic transcript ready before you initiate the application process. Moreover, International students need to clear IELTS, provide a scan of their passport, and two references (out of which one must be an academic reference).

  • MSc Entomology-£10,800
  • MSc Veterinary Physiotherapy-£17,500

Leeds Trinity University

Sunday Times 2013 University Guide placed Leeds Trinity University in the top 10% of UK universities for teaching excellence. The university is known as the safest university in Leeds according to the complete university guide 2013.

Leeds Trinity is perfect for you if you are looking to form your own set of network and brush up your skills. Choose from the widest possible courses for your masters in UK.

Brush up your understanding of creative writing, explore the possibilities of areas like childhood and education, and Mental health to state a few. Amidst all other courses, Leeds Trinity seeks to encourage all aspects of modern life. If you are a conversion student, we have good news for you. Leeds Trinity is also known for its conversion degree courses for masters in UK.

Great news for IELTS aspirants, since Leeds Trinity accepts an overall score of 6. However, scores under 5.5 in individual IELTS elements may tantamount to disqualification from the application process.

  • Firstly, MBA-£12,000
  • Secondly, MA Radio Journalism-£9,500
  • Thirdly, MA Magazine Journalism-£9,500
  • Fourthly, MA Victorian Studies-£9,500
  • Fifthly, MA Creative Writing-£9,500
  • Lastly, MRes / PhD-£11,500

University of Cumbria

Established in 2007, the university is based upon the idea of a distributed learning network so that teaching takes place both at the university’s campuses and at remote colleges around Cumbria.

The University of Cumbria has a strong track record in interdisciplinary research inviting and welcoming students from all over the world. In 2012 university launched an innovative Institute for leadership and stability at their Ambleside campus to further the learnings of the students.

Great news for students aspiring to study in uk because Cumbria Univ has initiated their virtual “open days”. You can now take a look at what the University of Cumbria has in store if you choose to pursue your masters in UK with them.

Find your dream masters course for yourself and become a specialist in that area. You need to have a minimum overall score of 6.5 in IELTS to qualify. Moreover, you need to score a minimum of 6 in every individual IELTS components for access. Needless to mention, that you need a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent as a condition precedent to your IELTS scorecard.

  • Master’s degree-£10,500-£15,500

London Metropolitan University

London Metropolitan University’s courses provide practical, workplace skills and opportunities for professional development, at an affordable price and have one of the largest teaching labs in Europe; specialist art and design studios and more. The university’s Business School in Moorgate has recently undergone a £1 million refurbishment.

With the widest possible range of subjects involving disciplines like arts, commerce, and sciences, LMU is doing everything right! The best part of London MET is that you can qualify by showing scorecards from IELTS or TOEFL IBT.

Moreover, for Indian international students, the London MET has set a few standards. You need to have at least 60% in your bachelor degree (which must be three to four years from a recognized university). On the other hand, you may also apply with a minimum of 55% marks but you need to have one year’s work experience.

  • Master’s degree-£13,500

The University of Bolton

The University of Bolton offers some unique courses, for example, Special Effects for Film and TV and Visual Effects for Film and TV.  A wide range of vocational courses is also offered by the university, along with the more traditional academic courses. There are 14,000 students across all sites and courses, with 700 academic and professional staff.

Bolton University ensures you get to know what they have to offer for your study in uk. Moreover, open days are the perfect ways to find out on your own. Postgraduate aspirants are in luck because you can now qualify with 55% marks in 4-year bachelor courses and 65% marks for 3-year bachelor degrees!

All you need to do is get 6 points in your IELTS with each element at 5.5 or more in order to qualify. You will get value way more than your money’s worth with Bolton University. In addition to that, you will also get one of the most cross-cultural students’ lives amongst all the universities in UK.

  • MBA-£12500
  • MPhil, PhD-£10170
  • Master’s degree-£11250

Buckinghamshire New University

Buckinghamshire New University ranked in the top 10 of the country’s safest university areas. The university was shortlisted for a 2012 Times Higher Education Leadership and Management Award (THELMA) in the Outstanding Estates Team category. Moreover, it is one of the cheap universities in UK for masters.

Bucks New University tends to be a leading professional and creative influence, shaping higher education for the benefit of people and employers.

Take adequate advantage of advanced facilities, specialist work spaces and employment partnerships to further your international career. All post graduation courses from Bucks will ensure that you know every aspect of your specific field. Moreover, Bucks make it a point that you become employable after your complete your study in uk.

Great news for aspiring students looking for universities in uk, because Bucks do not require any specialized English language proficiency test certificate if you have more than 65% marks in your 12th standard. However, you must complete your Bachelor’s from a recognized university with a minimum pass marks as in any UK NARIC-recognised institution.

  • Firstly, Full-time Postgraduate courses(MA/MSc, MEng) excluding MA Advertising, MBA- £9,400
  • Secondly, Full-time Postgraduate Diploma Business Management-£7,200
  • Thirdly, Full-time MA Advertising-£11,800
  • Lastly, Full-time International MBA-£10,600

Coventry University

Established in 1992, it is the biggest university in the city of Warwick with more than 27000 students studying in its 2 campuses. Research Assessment Exercise classed in 2008 that the university’s research in many critical subjects like Allied Health Professions and Studies, Computer Science and Informatics, Electrical and Electronic Engineering is World Class. The Guardian ranked it the 25th best University in the United Kingdom.

Coventry University ensures a safe abode to international students trying to pursue their higher education in uk. With a brilliant teaching faculty, there is hardly anything that can go wrong. All you need to do is fill out the application form and apply through UCAS.

Moreover, Coventry University will guide you through easy apprenticeships where you will be able to learn the real world nuances of your curriculum. Your employability chances will rise helping you to further your international career.

  • MBA-£15,000
  • MS Global Financial Trading-£12,800
  • MSC International Fashion Marketing-£12,800
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York St John University

York St John University offers a big platform to international students to upskill their abilities through the university’s immensely modern infrastructural facilities. 93% of graduates are in employment or full-time study six months after graduating. Recent developments by the university include a £2.5 million Arts Centre. This university is one of the cheap universities in UK for masters.

St John lets you choose from a wide range of postgraduate courses including but not limited to linguistics, philosophy, sports, art, and much more! However, you need to prove your english language proficiency through IELTS first before you move ahead!

IELTS scores under 6 over all points or 5.5 in case of individual components will be enough to disqualify you from applying. However, you need to have more than 60% marks in your bachelor’s to qualify even if you clear IELTS standards.

  • Post Graduate Research-£9,500
  • Post Graduate Taught MA/MSc-£10,000
  • MBA-£13,000

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