10 Things Every Student Pursuing BTech Should Know

10 Things Every Student Pursuing BTech Should Know

Engineering is the most popular choice for most of the youngster in India. People assume that pursuing a BTech degree is a guarantee of success in life. Most of the engineering students don’t even know where their focus should be. If you think you should just aim for better placement or a high GPA, then you are wrong. It is very easy to score better, but there are hundreds of students pursuing BTech. But you have to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Which means that you need to work really hard. Thus, below are the top 10 things that a student pursuing BTech should keep in mind while doing the degree. 

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Work on your portfolio from the beginning

As said earlier, you have to make yourself stand apart from others. And this is only possible when you work harder and smarter than others. Don’t just focus on your studies. Instead, take up as many projects as you can handle without disturbing your studies. This will add to your portfolio, but it will allow you to gain essential skills such as teamwork, time management, communication, reaching deadlines, etc. 

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Socialise while Pursuing BTech

  • It doesn’t work if you want to be choosy with friends. Building a network, socializing, and taking or giving help is the most important part of your degree. You never know whose help you need in the future, thus maintain a good social profile. Sometimes you may not get to work with the partner you wanted to but take it up as a challenge and learn to tolerate and work in teams with all sorts of people. Remember that a good leader walks with the people, not ahead of them. 

Always team up

  • Take part in all sorts of team activities, from projects to group discussions. Further, you don’t have to be tagged as the leader of the team to lead them. Develop your personality in such a way that it should naturally lead people from wherever you are. This can be achieved only by the experience of working with a team. So don’t miss any opportunity to polish your skills. 

Take extra classes While Pursuing BTech 

  • You need to know your subjects, but you should also know how to be business savvy, how to interact and interpret people, how to represent your ideas, etc. Thus, you can take up social science classes and humanities such as visual design, cognitive science, etc. Also, another language is an added advantage. 

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Maintain good relation with professors

  • You have to maintain good chemistry with your lecturers and professors. This is important as later you need their help in getting recommendations or references. But for that, they should know and be confident about you and your work. Talk to them politely and try to always excel in their class. Remember, teachers love toppers.

Push yourself and learn to take initiative

  • You cannot achieve everything from your comfort zone. You have to get out of it to shape your personality. Even coal can turn into a diamond under pressure. Thus if you want to achieve something, you have to pressurize yourself. Think about how and where you can apply different concepts in the real world. Good hobbies can also add to your resume and help you a great deal with better analytical thinking skills, application to the real world, etc. 

Good grades aren’t everything

  • Grades can be achieved by mugging up the syllabus. But that kind of knowledge will leave you stranded if you don’t know how to apply it. Also, nobody cares about your GPA after school. Most of the recruiters want to see more percentage of application skills and practical knowledge. Thus, go out of the box and practice applying your theory in real life. You can score average but remember building a portfolio and gaining skills should be your top priority. 

Get inspiration and enjoy what you do

  • Identify the things and the people who inspire you. And constantly surround yourself with your inspirations so that you are always motivated and on the go. Also, you have to enjoy and love what you do. However, if you don’t like what you are doing, you are wrong. Use the internet and find out about people who inspire you. Read about their life struggles and listen to their interviews. You can learn a lot from other’s experiences and mistakes. 

Job after pursuing BTech

  • Soon after pursuing BTech, you have campus placements that will help you to get your first real job in the industry. Also, campus placements are lucrative and offer a high paid job. But this depends on your institution. Only top institutions get you top companies. Otherwise, you can start by taking up internships. Additionally, you can apply to the private sector directly with an impressive resume.

Higher Study after Pursuing BTech

  • Even if you can find lucrative jobs right after pursuing BTech, it is essential to specialize in your sector. The specialization will give you an edge over others. You can do this by getting a higher degree such as a Master’s in Science, MIM, or MBA. Or you can also become an expert by doing certificate courses and programs. Some of the most valued certificate programs for students pursuing BTech are Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified ScrumMaster (CSM), Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), etc. 
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Utilize your summer while Pursuing BTech

  • Summer is the best time to get hands-on experience. Get an internship or a certificate program in your summertime. 

Fluency in English and good communication skills 

  • There is no use of good grades or a great resume/portfolio if you can’t communicate. If you think your communication skills are weak, then take a course in Spoken English. It is important to speak fluently with the recruiters. Most of the engineers fail due to low language skills. 

In conclusion, if you follow these tips and guidelines, you will become successful engineers and leaders of tomorrow. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is BTech a simple subject to learn?

Ans. Yes, it is a university degree that is fairly tough to pursue since it demands regular studying and the candidate must be solely reliant on the subjects and breakthroughs that occur every day as technology advances.

Q2. Which BTech organisation is the most successful?

Ans. The greatest group in Btech is computer science, which offers the biggest future potential with several career options. Because you are studying Btech, you will be well-prepared for your future careers and assignments. This will be extremely beneficial to you in the future.

Q3. Is the first year of BTech difficult?

Ans. Every year including the first, is either easy or challenging, based on what subjects you choose!

Q4. Which semester of BTech is the most difficult?

Ans. The third year of engineering is the most difficult. The third year comprises the key subjects of the specific branch. The first two semesters, in our opinion, will be difficult.

Q5. Is BTech math difficult?

Ans. It is a fallacy that Btech math is hard. The math’s syllabus differs each university, but overall, it is simple and you may get decent grades if you understand the fundamentals.

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