Best Medical Colleges Abroad for Indian Students [2022-23 Guide]

Best Medical Colleges Abroad for Indian Students [2022-23 Guide]

Whether you are looking for admission in MBBS or MD or MS, all you need to know is that India has a very high ratio of student: seats. Thus, it’s a prudent choice to consider the best medical colleges abroad for Indian students.

Every year nearly 13 to 15 lakh students apply for NEET. While the total number of seats available for MBBS is 80,000. This gives tough competition but at the same time it opens up an opportunity to check out medical colleges abroad for Indian students.

Choosing the best college can be confusing and overwhelming when everything seems to be the best. There are various factors involved in ranking a college as “the best”. However, it may not seem to be the right one for you. To get personalized opinion and guidance, make use of our services, or give us a call on +918080679810. We have provided successful admission to thousands of students abroad.

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List of the Best Medical Colleges Abroad for Indian Students

Some of the factors that are considered while making this list are the cost of studying and living, education, faculty, environment, and exposure. Nearly all the medical colleges on our list are close to India and have easy visa processing. Unlike the USA and most of the European countries, these colleges will not cost you a lot and give you a good ROI. Most students in the USA and EU countries are likely to be paying off their student loans while you will be on your way to keeping your entire income for yourself.

Visa processing and acceptance are another concern for countries like the USA, UK, etc. Sometimes this process takes as long as a few months to as short as a week. Nonetheless, the waiting period and rejection are not uncommon. The countries and universities mentioned in our curated list of Best Medical Colleges Abroad for Indian Students check all your boxes. Here is a list of best medical colleges abroad for Indian students:

S.No.Medical SchoolCountry/ RegionFee ( INR ) per annum ( Approx )
1Ningbo UniversityZhejhang, ChinaRs. 425,217
2University of PhilippinesManila, PhilippinesRs. 100,000
3National Medical collegeNepalRs. 84,343
4American University of Caribbean school of MedicineCaribbeanRs. 1,719,321
5Bogomolets National Medical UniversityUkraineRs. 74,535
6Jalalabad Medical UniversityJalal-Abad, KyrgyzstanRs. 480,877
7Mordovia State UniversityMordovia Republic, RussiaRs. 229,311
8Medical University of GdanskGdansk, PolandRs. 1,050,000
9Jahurul Islam Medical CollegeBangladeshRs. 384,701
10University of MunichMunchen, GermanyNA
Best Medical Colleges Abroad for Indian students

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GUIDE for Admission in Best Medical Colleges Abroad for Indian Students

Admission Process

As in India, the admission process begins with clearing entrance exams like NEET. Only the best ranks get admission to medical colleges in India while the rest have to pay huge sums of donations, capital, and tuition fee. It becomes extremely high-priced and unaffordable for most. The best solution to this is to consider these best medical colleges abroad for Indian students. There are no donations or capital fees, and also the tuition fee is less compared to India. Apart from these, they have world-class infrastructure and types of equipment. Their teacher to student ratio is very low. And last but not the least, you get an international certificate and experience.

The admission process does not include entrance exams, in most cases, you only need to score above 60% in your 12th transcript. The link to each website is given in the table, all you need to do is click on it, find the admissions page, and apply.

You have to fill the online application form and pay the application and admission fee. If you need any assistance at any step of the application process you can contact us for help.

Foreign Medical Graduates Examination ( FMGE )or Medical Council of India ( MCI ) screening test

The Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE) is conducted by the National Board of Examination (NBE) in India. It is conducted to ensure license for candidates who have pursued medicine from medical colleges abroad. It is conducted twice a year in June and December. This examination is difficult and it requires prior coaching. Only 15-20 % of graduates can qualify for the exam.

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However, on the bright side, there is coaching for the MCI or FMGE available in countries like China. The coaching along with a strong foundation can make it possible to qualify for this exam. Nonetheless, you need to do some groundwork on this before you invest your time, money, and energy in MBBS in any of the best medical colleges abroad for Indian students.

If you want to study at any of these best medical colleges abroad for Indian students, do not hesitate to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which foreign nation is better for MBBS?

Ans. Some of the leading countries to study MBBS abroad for Indian students at a minimal cost are listed below:

  • China
  • Ukraine
  • Russia
  • Nepal
  • Poland
  • Philippines

Q2. Is studying MBBS overseas a good idea?

Ans. The MBBS program in another country is good. The need for MBBS students is increasing in various nations. If you want to study medicine outside of India, you may proceed with your plans. However, costs outside of India might be rather exorbitant, so please consider your family’s financial situation as well.

Q3. Can I pursue MBBS in the United States after finishing high school?

Ans. Students in USA must first complete a pre-med program after completing high school, which leads in a bachelor of science (BS) degree. Following that, candidates must take the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) to get admission to a top medical school in the United States.

Q4. Is studying medicine in Germany available for free?

Ans. You may study medicine for free in Germany. There are no tuition costs for PhD studies at German public universities.

Q5. Is a Russian MBBS recognised in India?

Ans: To pursue MBBS in Russia, the individual should first check that the university where they are seeking their degree is MCI-approved. Once the students clear their MCI screening exams, they can be considered eligible to practice their medicine studies in India.   So, we can say that the MBBS degree of Russia is well recognized in India.