Estimated Living Expenses and Accommodation in Ireland

Estimated Living Expenses and Accommodation in Ireland

The cost of living in Ireland is an important consideration when studying abroad. Apart from tuition fees, it is most likely the other major component that makes up the entire expense of studying in Ireland. The cost of living in Ireland is heavily influenced by various factors such as lifestyle choices, accommodation quality, recreational activities, and so on. Many students considering studying abroad ask if part-time jobs in Ireland will be sufficient to cover living expenses. “No” is the quick response. The long answer is that students should not rely on part-time work as their sole source of money to cover their living expenses. However, we have offered an estimate of the amount of money one would spend on activities that make up living expenditures for the benefit of our readers.

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Cost of Living in Ireland

Read on as we bring together essential factors that make up your cost of living in Ireland.

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Students looking for lodging could arrive in the nation ahead of time to look for choices or book accommodations near the college online. It is crucial to keep in mind that the closer the lodging is to the campus, the more expensive it will be. However, because transportation in Ireland is inexpensive, booking a hotel a bit further away is never an issue.

If you share an apartment with other students or tenants, your rent will be much lower because it will be shared. The typical monthly rent for a two-room apartment in a city is around €1000-1200, and in the suburbs, it is around €800-€900. In addition, the student would be responsible for paying for utilities like electricity and upkeep. On-campus boarding might cost anywhere from €600 to €800 per month.

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Accommodation Costs in Ireland
ExpenseAverage Cost Range per month
Option 1 – On-Campus Accommodation€600 – €680
Option 2 – Private Complex€600 – €1,000
Option 3- Private rental (house share)€500 – €600 (bills not included)


Students like a combination of eating out and cooking at home. Students may find it challenging to obtain Indian cooking ingredients while living in Ireland, but the great variety of Irish cuisine will not enable you to miss home even for a moment. The following is a summary of typical costs for overseas students studying in Ireland.

Sample Shopping CostsPrice
Apples/Bananas/Oranges€0.30 – €0.50
Butter 250 g€1.8
Milk 1 liter€1.15
Eggs 6 pack€1.6
Bread Loaf 800 g€1.5
Cornflakes 500 g€3
Chicken Breast/Tuna 300 g€3.75
Coca Cola can 330 ml€0.85
Coffee 100 g€3.49
Pasta 500 g€1.75
Potatoes 1 kg€2
Rice 500 g€1.25
McDonald’s Big Mac Meal€7.5

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Public Transportation

Due to Ireland’s massive public transportation infrastructure, commuting is reasonably convenient for overseas students. This is a crucial consideration because you will be living alone in a foreign nation, exploring the country, or traveling to your university/college. As a result, the low cost of transportation will make getting around the country much more accessible.

Bus Ticket – Single Ride€2.1
Bus Ticket – Monthly Pass€65

Miscellaneous Components

This is an example of a typical living expense for Indian students pursuing higher education in Ireland. Other factors to consider are utilities, personal expenses, and leisure activities such as movie outings and restaurant visits, which can cost you extra. Candidates should be aware that rates may fluctuate based on market conditions, but this is the amount of money they will spend in Ireland.

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Costs in Ireland for International Students – At a Glance

Overall Expense (excluding Accommodation)€640 – €880
Overall Expense (including Accommodation)€1,240 – €1880
Mobile Phone€20
Personal Expenses (Social/Sports)€200 – €300
Utilities (Electric/Gas/Refuse)€30 – €50
Food€250 – €350
Travel (Monthly Bus Ticket)€65 – €85
Textbook and Materials€75
Nike Running Shoes€70
Cinema Ticket€9
Washing Powder 3kg€4.35
Toothpaste 100ml€2.99
Toilet Tissue 4 Roll€2
Sourced from the official website of University College Cork, Ireland

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