How to work at UNICEF?

How to work at UNICEF?


The United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) is an international organization that advocates for the protection of children’s rights. It helps them meet basic needs, and strives to increase their opportunities. If you want to join UNICEF, you can do so as a volunteer or apply for a job. In either case, you will need to follow the procedures listed on the organization’s website to join. UNICEF works with volunteers through the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) program. If you have an undergraduate degree, several years of work experience, and are interested in volunteer opportunities around the world, you may be eligible for UNV.

What do I need to study to work at UNICEF?

You must complete tertiary education and at least one university degree. Your job description should be relevant to the position you are applying for and you should be able to complete job-specific requirements.

Are UNICEF ​​Volunteers Paid?

Supervisors, UN volunteers and trainees receive benefits and privileges. National Officer (NO) employees are remunerated according to local salary level. In-service students receive a compulsory social grant payment from all UNICEF trainees, except interns sponsored by educational institutions.

Who can work for UNICEF?

If you are looking for a post with UNICEF on one of our worldwide service channels, visit the UNICEF global website. There you will find information about the required qualifications and benefits of working with UNICEF. UNICEF is committed to diversity and inclusion while accepting work applications.

What is the UNICEF member’s salary?

UNICEF staff earn an average of ₹ 22lakhs, typically from ₹ 10lakhs per year to ₹ 48lakhs per year based on 27 profiles. The top 10% of employees earn more than ₹ 33lakhs per year.

Is UNICEF ​​a good place to work?

A good organization with a purpose, it is happy to work for UNICEF Jordan and other offices around the world. A strong brand gives a sense of belonging and the cause is something else.

Are UN activities well paid?

UN activities can be well paid The really good thing about working for the United Nations is that it can be well paid. … For example, the ‘professional’ (P) roles within the UN receive the following types of salaries: Income level (P1 – P3): 37,000 USD – 80,000 USD. Mid-career (P4 – P5): 67,000 USD – 106,000 USD.

How many staff does UNICEF have?

Today, more than 15,000 UNICEF staff members work in more than 190 countries, including some of the world’s most difficult places, to reach those who need it most. Like any large, divided organization, our culture must reflect our mission. There is no separation.

Join the UNICEF UNITE team if you live in a host city of the US.

There are 18 U.S. cities. have UNICEF UNITE teams. Register as a UNITE volunteer at to contact local team captains if you live in one of the 18 cities with the team. UNICEF UNITE brings together all volunteers and supporters from the USA. Overall, UNITE members represent the prioritization of children in local, regional, and provincial policy decisions. They also collect and help spread the word about the work of UNICEF. Even if you do not live in a city with a UNICEF UNITE team, you can still join UNITE in advocating for children’s rights and fundraising. Visit the resource page of the website at for all the information on how to help.

Contact the UNICEF National Committee if you live outside the USA.

Volunteer opportunities in developed countries outside the US are provided by 33 UNICEF National Committees. Visit to get a list of all of them for contact details of your country and to ask about volunteer opportunities. Not all UNICEF National Committees have volunteer opportunities available. Pages vary from country to country, but you can usually check out the activity on the website to see if they list any volunteer positions. You can also go to the contact page of your country site and submit a question if you are unable to find information on the site. The pages of the National Committee have information on other ways to help in your country, including fundraising or donations so that you can participate even if there are no volunteer positions currently open.

Volunteer for the Youth Advocacy Program if you are between the ages of 18-24.

This is a program developed by UNICEF and the United Nations Volunteer Program. Apply for both national and international volunteer assignments on the UNV website You can apply for this program anywhere in the world.

Eligibility Criteria to Volunteer at UNICEF

To be eligible for this program you must be 18-24 years old, have completed elementary schooling, have demonstrated a commitment to peace and development through academic, postgraduate, and volunteer work, and have a working knowledge of English. If you have a disability or are from a small group, you are strongly encouraged to apply. There were Youth Advocates Program volunteer positions available in 33 countries between 2018-2019. The work of these volunteer positions lasts for 1 year.

  • Do your PhD from abroad

What’s it Like Working at UNICEF?

UNICEF is working hard to provide inclusion and diversity in its workplace. It encourages women and men of all religious, national, or ethnic backgrounds and specially abled to apply for their jobs. Wondering how to get started if you want to get in the UNICEF United Nations Center? Before doing anything else, consider this summary of the required UNICEF qualifications for potential employees. A day in the office can mean a lot to UNICEF staff. It may mean talking to a 14-year-old girl about her favourite subjects at school after ending her child marriage. Or supporting medical students to learn more about Special Newborn Care Units. Not all drama, of course.

UNICEF Work Gone Unnoticed

Much of the work of UNICEF goes unnoticed. Be it funding for immunization programs or providing technical advice to partners on how to reach more children. Much of the organization’s work is not visible. Obtaining funding for HIV / AIDS or immunization programs, dismissing a political situation, or setting up emergency response structures can go unnoticed. UNICEF is also responsible for building relationships with local communities, and ensuring education, protection, and well-being of their children.

Earning at UNICEF as a Volunteer

Payments are made to the staff of the National Executive (CHA) according to the level of local renumeration. UNICEF works with volunteers primarily through the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) program. If you have an undergraduate degree, work experience, and interes in volunteer work, you may be eligible for UNV. The UNV program recruits and places volunteer throughout the United Nations system, including UNICEF. UNICEF does not collect UNV directly but through the UNV system.

Why Commit to UNICEF?

Among the like-minded volunteers from around the world Help communities in need to improve their quality of life. Opportunity to hone your skills and enrich your career. Be part of UNICEF’s mission to protect the rights of children and young people.


1.How do I start working with UNICEF?

If you are seeking a post with UNICEF in one of our duty stations around the world, please visit UNICEF’s global website. There you will find information about the required qualifications and the benefits of working with UNICEF.

2. What qualifications do you need to work for UNICEF?

National Officers are normally required to have an advanced university degree in a field relevant to UNICEF’s work. Within the NO category there are different levels, each with a required minimum number of years of relevant professional work experience: NO-1 (NO-A) One year of relevant professional work experience.

3. Is it difficult to get a job at UNICEF?

Landing a job at UNICEF can be hard. Job roles are competitive as UNICEF receives many applications each year from qualified candidates. Pay attention to the details and specialist functions of the position you’re applying for, and build a technical and solid resume.

4. How much is UNICEF salary?

The average salaries for UNICEF is 300,916 Naira. This data is collated by 49 employees from UNICEF. The roles include Administration and Logistics Officer, Administrative Assistant, Administrative Officer, Agriculturist, Assistant Data Manager, Community Engagement Officer etc.

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