Masters in Engineering Management in Australia: Know All About It

Masters in Engineering Management in Australia: Know All About It

Masters in Engineering Management in Australia is a very popular choice among international engineering students. Let’s understand why, and also if it is the right choice for you.

Are you an engineering graduate looking for a challenging yet attractive career choice?

What’s better than blending your acquired technical skills with management skills. That is what the Masters in Engineering Management provides. It provides you with the management skills to manage an organisation and its resources besides enhancing your technical abilities. It’s a perfect blend for an upshot in your career growth.

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Why is Australia a leading destination to get your Masters in Engineering Management degree?

Some of the nationally and globally ranked universities in Australia offer Masters in Engineering Management which have a high reputation all over the world for their quality education.

The notable points for a student to consider when planning to pursue Masters in Engineering Management in Australia are:

  • Build a strong skill set comprising of technical as well as business skills
  • Industry oriented approach
  • High quality educational experience
  • Attractive placement offers
  • Affordable tuition fees
  • Dynamic on campus experience
  • Strong professional network

Australia is very popular among the international students regarding Masters in Engineering Management not only because of its quality education but also, because of its post-study work offers.

Australian Universities that offer a Masters in Engineering Management

Here’s a list of top universities that offer Masters in Engineering Management in Australia:
1. University of Melbourne
2. The University of Queensland
3. Deakin University
4. La Trobe University
5. University of South Australia
6. Curtin University
7. The University of Newcastle
8. University of technology
9. Queensland University of Australia
10. Griffith University

Most of the above universities offer the program that ranges from 15 Lakhs to 35 Lakhs for a year. Thus, the important point to be noted is that most of the universities in Australia provide a 1-year program which is not applicable for post-study work visas.

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So, What can you do?
If you want to work in Australia post your Masters in Engineering Management then, you can opt for a dual degree program.

A very effective option that will ensure you get a post-study visa and also have two degrees at the end of the course.

Dual degrees in Australia provide you with masters in any one of the related fields (Specialization or non-specialization) along with the MEM in Australia.

What better than having two degrees with greater career prospects!

Scope and Job Prospects

Is a Masters in Engineering Management in Australia worth it?
What is the scope and job prospects?

According to a major research report by the centre for future work at the Australian institute on future employment transitions for Australian university graduates states:
“In Australia, university degrees have enduring and growing importance as job market entry qualifications: 32 per cent of all jobs require a Bachelor degree or higher qualification, and this share is projected to increase. Almost half of all jobs created over the next five years (over 400,000 jobs) are expected to require a university degree or higher qualification”

This report was prepared at the request of Graduate Careers Australia.

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No matter how reputed a university and its programs are, the affordability always becomes a question. So, Are there any scholarships that would help international students in attaining their education? Yes! Here are the popular scholarships for MEM in Australia:
1. Hani Zeini Scholarship
2. Jares J. Davis Grant
3. Central Sector Scheme of national Overseas Scholarship
4. Gyan Dhan Scholarship
5. Golden Key Graduate Scholar Award

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Eligibility Criteria to do Masters in Engineering Management in Australia

A student must have a bachelors degree in engineering or any other relevant bachelors degree related to the field.
The eligible exams to get into these universities are TOELF, IELTS and PTE.

You can go through the following article to know more:
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To conclude, the choice of studying Masters in Engineering Management in Australia will provide you with high returns and diversified career options. It will provide you with the skill set that is needed to be ahead in the competition and will also develop your personality traits by building a broader and wider perception of the world. You will not only expand your professional network but will also have a diversified social circle with a great new experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Australia a decent place to work in engineering management?

Ans. Some of Australia’s both nationally and internationally rated institutions provide a master’s in engineering management. Tuition prices for this programme are cheaper compared to the United States and the United Kingdom, without sacrificing quality.

Q2. What is the subject of Engineering Management?

Ans. Engineering management is a specific type of management that is required to effectively manage technical or engineering staff and projects. It can refer to project management or functional management. Engineering managers mentor, coach, and inspire technical workers based on their experiences and training.

Q3. Why should I pursue a career in engineering management?

Ans. Technical management assists them in translating their engineering discipline’s language into the worlds of industry and business, resulting in improved coherence with the individuals who make commercial and financial choices that affect the future of their projects.

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