MiM in Europe and Job Opportunities

MiM in Europe and Job Opportunities

This blog will answer all your queries regarding MiM in Europe and the job opportunities afterward. However, in this article, we will not be covering Germany.

Europe is a country of diverse cultures as significant countries are part of the European continent. In terms of beautiful places also, Europe stands at the top. But do you know that Europe is an excellent country for higher studies and popular tourist destinations? Get all the details of MiM in Europe and the job opportunities in this blog.

Yes! You heard it right. According to world rankings, Europe has many countries that offer high-quality education and are among the top universities. So, it has become the best place for International students.

Education in Europe

Europe is one of the most popular study destinations for international students. Students from all over the world think to study for their Master’s from Europe because of the quality of education. Moreover, among Indian students, Europe is the most preferred choice for higher studies.

Owing to many scholarships and beautiful countries, Europe has established itself as the perfect choice for International students. Many countries in Europe like France, the UK, Russia, Norway, Greece, etc., have proven to give an excellent education with jobs. Moreover, Europe is the preferred choice among Indian students for higher studies.

List of public universities for MiM in Germany

Degrees in Europe

European institutions offer Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral programs. They have a variety of combinations to pursue. For instance, they have specialized programs for Master’s degrees like MiM, MEM. These programs help students learn management skills and their traditional subject knowledge.

As we have said about the specialized programs, we’ll be discussing MiM in Europe.

MiM in Europe

Many countries in Europe have MiM programs in their Master’s programs. Countries like the UK, France, Spain, Denmark provide MiM degrees. Moreover, the universities rank in the top places in universities rankings, indicating that students think of Europe for higher studies. Also, the degrees are recognized worldwide, so there is no validation issue.


  • A Bachelor’s degree with good academic background
  • TOEFL, IELTS scores to prove your English efficiency
  • CV/SOP to show your interest in pursuing the program
  • A Letter of Recommendation from at least two referees
  • GRE/GMAT score if the university asks for it

Study in Germany – A Comprehensive Guide

MiM in Europe and Job opportunities

Here we provide an overview of the jobs you can get after the MiM degree in Europe.

Firstly, Europe has a demand for Consulting services after MiM. According to statistics, people after MiM in Europe go to consulting firms. Next to the consulting field, people prefer Financial services, followed by the Technology field and Banking.

A student can also work in the Healthcare department, IT sector, Supply chain, Logistics, Sales & Business apart from the abovementioned roles. Also, the average salary is sufficient enough to survive abroad.

Major recruiting companies that hire students include Amazon, JP Morgan, Google, L’oreal, PwC, EY, Deloitte, Deutsche Bank, etc. So, the job opportunities are many with good packages.

Universities in Europe for MiM

Here is the list of some top universities in the whole of Europe which have MiM degrees and starting average salary-

UniversitiesWebsiteAverage salary
HEC, PARIShere€66,000
LBS, LONDONherePage under maintenance
IE BUSINESS SCHOOL, SPAINhereDepends on regions


MIM in Europe has a promising career, as mentioned above. You can have a fantastic job and study in Europe. There are many scholarships available to have an easy and smooth life. Moreover, you can earn a significant amount of money after completing your MIM program.

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