Total Seats in IIM

Total Seats in IIM

Total Seats in IIM

The Indian Institute of Management is a management institute for bachelors, masters, executive, and doctoral programs in India, established by Jawaharlal Nehru in 1961. Additionally, there are currently 20 IIMs all over the country. The full-time MBA popularly offered as the Post Graduate Program (PGP) is a characteristic program across all the IIMs. Want to get admission into IIM? Check the total seats in IIM for 2021 to 2023 PGP. 

Top IIMs that received recognition by the NIRF (National Institute Ranking Framework) are IIM Ahmadabad, IIM Calcutta, and IIM Bangalore. Further, according to the OS global MBA ranking, 2021 IIM Ahmadabad ranks 50th, while IIM Bangalore ranks 54th and IIM Calcutta ranks 79th. Also, France-based universal ranked the IIM Ahmadabad’s PGP FABM (Post Graduate Program- Food and Agriculture Business Management Program) as 1st in an annual ranking of global business programs. Additionally, the IIM Calcutta Business Analytics (PGP BA) ranks 14th among the 75 Business Analytics programs across the globe by the QS 2019 Masters in Business Analytics Ranking.  

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Getting into IIM 2021

Selection into an IIM is not easy at all. First and foremost, you should attempt the CAT exam. Next, you need to check for the cut-off percentile for each IIM. If your percentile follows the cut-off percentile you can apply. The result of the CAT was released on 2 Jan 2021. The CAT score is valid only for one year and hence, you cannot try for admission with the same score the next year.

If you scored low in CAT and don’t know what to do next we have a solution for you. You may still get admission into the top Business schools in India and into an IIM also. Further, you can utilise your CAT score for admission into the best business school abroad. Not many people know about these solutions. Do not waste your year as time is precious and read the article below on what to do after CAT. 

The criteria for selection into an IIM depends first on the CAT score or CAT percentile you receive. Next, it depends on the academic requirements. Also, the performance of that particular IIM in the previous year greatly affects the selection criteria. Therefore, it is advised to check out the separate selection criteria for each IIM on their website. The selection process at IIM can begin anytime soon. 

All the IIMs accept the CAT score and percentile but some of them also accept the GMAT score. Hence, the list of IIM that accepts GMAT is given below, 

  • IIM- Ahmadabad 
  • Bangalore 
  • Calcutta 
  • Indore 
  • Kozhikode 
  • Shillong 
  • Trichy 
  • Udaipur 

Further, the IIM Lucknow also accepts GRE. While the IIM Kozhikode accepts CAT, GMAT, GRE, UGC JRF, and GATE. The fee for the IIM varies from old to baby IIM from INR 10 lakh to INR 23 lakhs.

Total seats in IIM 2021

At present, there are 20 IIMs in India that are classified into three categories namely the first generation, the second generation, and the third generation IIMs according to the year of establishment. Similarly, they are also referred to as old, new, and baby IIMs. The total seats in IIMs are 5100 plus as of 2020. The breakdown of the total number of seats in the IIM is listed below in the table. 

S NO.IIMTotal seatsCourseWebsite
First Generation IIM
1Calcutta462MBA, PGD BA, and PGPEX VLMClick here
2Ahmadabad385MBA, PGP FABM, and PGP ABMClick here
3Bangalore565MBA, PG PPM and BAClick here
4Lucknow419PGP, PGP ABM, and SMClick here
5Khozikode525MBAClick here
6Indore450 + 150PGP, and IPMClick here
Second generation IIM
7Shillong180PGPMClick here
8Rohtak210 + 150PGPM, and IPMClick here
9Ranchi240 + 60PGPM, and PGPHRMClick here
10Raipur210PGPClick here
11Tiruchirapalli210PGPM, PGP HR, and PGPBMClick here
12Kashipur210MBA, and MBA BAClick here
13Udaipur150PGPMClick here
Third generation IIM
14Nagpur240PGPClick here
15Amritsar240MBA, MBA BA, and HRClick here
16Bodh Gaya120PGPMClick here
17Sirmaur170MBA, MBA T and HMClick here
18Vishakapatnam120PGPMClick here
19Sambalpur120PGPMClick here
20Jammu120MBAClick here
Total Seats in IIM

Total seats in IIM

Hence, according to the cut-off percentile of CAT and our desired course, you can apply to the particular IIM institute. However, don’t worry if you can’t bell the CAT as there are other exams as well. The admission, the cut-off percentile, the fee, the programs, learning experience, and quality differs greatly from one IIM to the other. Therefore, it is highly recommended to visit the official website of the institute you are interested in to check out further details like eligibility, selection process, fee structure, etc, hence we mentioned the official websites of all IIMs in the table above. Also, it is advisable to check the cut off percentile for each IIM separately mentioned in the section below. 

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Selection process for IIM 2021

Each of the Indian Institute of Management has its own selection criteria and process. However, what is common in all can be discussed here. The first and foremost criteria for all IIM is the CAT percentile, a cut-off of each CAT percentile of all IIMS is given below for reference. However, note that it is the expected cut-off percentile for 2021, hence it is recommended to check the eligibility on the official website also. After meeting the CAT cut-off percentile, the candidate is asked for a Writing Ability Test or WAT. After WAT follows the Group Discussion that is GD along with a Personal Interview that is PI. 

Based on the CAT percentile, performance in WAT, GD, and PI a cumulative score is assigned to the candidate. Finally, based on this cumulative score a shortlist and the waiting list of candidates is prepared. You can view these lists on their official websites. 

The competition to get into IIM remains very high. It is also the total seats in IIM that are a deciding factor for the selection of students. Another important factor that decides your percentile is the top scorer or top ranker’s score. Since the total number of candidates who attempt CAT each year is above 2 lakh and the availability of IIM seats is only about 5000, the percentage of students who will not be admitted no matter how well they score is high (about 97%). Hence, you need to make sure that you not only aim for good but the best possible score in CAT. 

Calculation of the Cumulative Score 

Along with CAT, the other things that matter are the percentage of marks in 10th and 12th, marks in the bachelor’s degree, the work experience, and the performance in WAT, GD, and PI. Also, extra marks are assigned for people of third gender and females under gender diversity. Additionally, extra marks are also given for a non-business graduate, for example, a science or engineering student. 

The parameters and their weightage are given below:

  • CAT: 40
  • Class 10th Score: 20
  • Class 12th Score: 10
  • Graduation score: 20 
  • Gender diversity: 2
  • Work experience: 10

Cut off percentiles

The IIM cut-off percentile depends on various factors. Firstly, the top IIMs like IIM Ahmadabad or IIM Calcutta has a very high cut-off of around 99 percentile or 98 percentile. As of 2017, 2018, and 2019, the call cut-off of IIM Ahmadabad was 99 percentile, while for that of IIM Calcutta was 92 percentile top 100 percentile. 

Apart from that, it also depends on the difficulty of the CAT exam, the total number of candidates attempting CAT, and the total seats in IIM. Hence, as we all know the total seats in IIM are extremely limited making it even more difficult to make it to the top percentile. 

Thus, here we have mentioned the expected percentile for 2020 CAT in the table below:

S NO.IIMCut-off percentile
2Ahmadabad99 to 100
3Bangalore99 to 100
4Lucknow97 to 98
5Khozikode97 to 98
6Indore97 to 98
8Rohtak95 to 96
9Rankchi94 to 95
10Raipur94 to 95
11Tiruchirapalli94 to 95
12Kashipur94 to 95
13Udaipur92 to 94
14Nagpur95 to 96
15Amritsar95 to 96
16Bodh Gaya92 to 94
19Sambalpur95 to 96
20Jammu92 to 94
Total Seats in IIM

CAT cut-off percentile vs the shortlist percentile 

Also, another thing to take note of is the difference between the short-list cut-off percentile and the call cut-off percentile. The short-list cut-off percentile is usually a lot lower and meeting the short-list cut-off percentile doesn’t guarantee admission. If you meet the short-list cut-off percentile then you are short-listed for WAT, GD, and PI. But again, it doesn’t ensure that you will be called for WAT, GD, and PI. While the call cut-off percentile is higher than the short-list cut-off percentile and it is released after the declaration of the result. 

For example, the shortlist cut-off percentile for IIM Ahmadabad was 80 percentile while its call cut-off percentile was 100 percentile. 

In conclusion, the brand name of IIM and the quality education with top ranks in the world make every dream of the MBA aspirant to get into IIM. However, the limiting factor here is the total seats in IIM, the number of test-takers, and the score of top rankers. These factors make it difficult for anyone with average scores or good scores to get into IIM. Another method to get admission into IIM is to opt for the five years integrated MBA program of IIM Rohtak and IIM Indore. This eliminates the chances of failing to meet the CAT cut-off percentile. Hence, if you don’t get into IIM, don’t get disheartened. There are many top business schools in India that also ranked globally and can be considered for MBA. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How many seats are available at IIM each year?

Ans. According to recent data, the top two MBA colleges, IIM A and IIM B, seek to raise their enrolment by 805 seats in following years. This year, meanwhile, a number of 12,411 places throughout all programs are available among 20 IIMs. 

Q2. In 2021, how many IIMs will exist in India?

Ans. There are total 20 IIMs in India as per the NIRF (National Institutional Ranking Framework) ratings in 2021.

Q3. How many candidates are chosen for the IIM?

Ans. The test is significant because of the large number of applicants who take part. Annually, nearly 2 lakh applicants sit for the exam, and the 20 IIMs presently in operation in India give over 5000 places.

Q4. Do 12th grade scores important in IIM?

Ans. The answer to your inquiry is YES. Class 10th and 12th grades are important for applying to IIMs. They initially shortlist you based on your academic and then invite you to the GD/PI round.

Q5. How to get admission into IIM without taking the CAT?

Ans. The GMAT is required for getting an admission to an IIM without the CAT. The candidate must take the GMAT test and achieve the qualifying percentile to get admission into IIM. 

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