Why Pursue MBA In 2023?

Why Pursue MBA In 2023?

MBA is one of the most popular courses in the world right now. It was always in demand, and it will always be in demand. Why? Because it opens up a host of opportunities for you, not just nationally, but internationally as well. Thus, studying an MBA after BBA from a foreign university is a great opportunity to increase your pay scale. Moreover, an MBA from a foreign university gives you an opportunity to build an international network. So, whether you will join a multibillion-dollar company or open up your own company after an MBA is entirely your choice. But we can surely say that your earning opportunities after an MBA will only increase. Thus, here are a few reasons to understand why pursue MBA in 2023?

Top 10 Reasons On Why Should You Pursue MBA In 2023

Fasten your seatbelts tight as we are going to take you on a ride. This exciting ride will give you all the reasons you to know know why pursue MBA from a foreign university in 2023. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Reason Number 1 – Exponential Career Growth

If you are a working professional, having an MBA degree will surely help. In the long run, that MBA degree of yours will fetch your promotions quite effectively. Finally, all that effort you put into the MBA will pay off once you get promotions. Also, it’s no brainer to guess that big names in the industry will prefer an MBA graduate over any other candidate. Thus, surely it is one of the reasons why pursue MBA degree in 2023.

Reason Number 2 – Easy Selection

Even if you are a freshly MBA graduate, big companies will tend to hire you. You know why? Because of your MBA degree. Yes, you heard us right. An MBA degree will surely help you get placed in big companies like Amazon, Apple, and Deloitte. If you are studying at a prestigious university, you will surely get a job within the first three months after graduation. Additionally, most of the business schools across the globe has over 90% employment rate. Isn’t it cool?

Reason Number 3 – Career Change

We know career changes can be very tough. It becomes all the tougher when you want to pursue an MBA without doing a BBA. Thus, at the masters level, it a whole different subject that you are learning for the first time. However, an MBA will surely help you make a career change smoothly. Studying an MBA will open several doors for you to explore. Thus, if you are from the sales background, you can do an MBA and flourish in your new career choice. The main reason why pursue MBA is that it will increase your pay scale as well. Additionally, even if you are a doctor or an engineer, you can always do an MBA.

Reason Number 4 – Pay Scale Hike

An MBA degree will fetch you pay scales like never before. If you work hard and complete your MBA degree, you are sure to get a 35% hike in salary from what you are receiving now. According to surveys, 2019 MBA graduates received an average salary of $100,000!!!!!!

Reason Number 5 – Increasing Demand

Every company, big or small, constantly requires an MBA graduate. No matter if you have an MBA in finance, or business development, or anything else, you will always be in demand. Companies will bag you the moment you have an MBA degree in hand. Thus, the increasing rise in the number of companies is directly proportional to the increasing demand for MBA graduates.

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Reason Number 6 – Build Network

Though sixth in our list, it is one of the primary reasons why one should study an MBA. In a foreign university, you get to learn from the business experts themselves who have years and years of industry knowledge. Also, you will get to meet the business tycoons from across the world in seminars and webinars. Moreover, you will meet several other young minds like you who all will help you in your career.

Reason Number 7 – Entrepreneurship Skills

An MBA degree will surely help you gain some essential entrepreneurship skills. Such skills will prepare you to have your startups if you want one day. You will learn the fundamentals of the industry from the business experts themselves. You will also be a part of several entrepreneurship projects. Great reasons to do an MBA, isn’t it?

Reason Number 8 – Return On Investment

Needless to say, an MBA degree will expand your earning opportunities. However, MBA degrees can get quite expensive. But, in our opinion, pursuing an MBA degree is a good long term investment. Most importantly, it has a good return on investment or ROI.

Reason Number 9 – Global Recognition

An MBA is a widely accepted degree across the globe. So, no matter which college or university you graduated from, your MBA degree will still be valid and recognized. Additionally, you can get a job at any part of the world with the same MBA degree. Definitely some value for money, isn’t it?

Reason Number 10 – Flexibility

An MBA course offers full flexibility to students. First of all, there is no age limit. You can always do an MBA anytime and from anywhere. Several universities offer an online MBA course. Most importantly, an MBA degree is usually 2 years in duration. However, several universities will offer a flexible MBA program of 16 to 18 months. Thus, MBA gives you the full liberty to learn at your own pace.

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