Top MIM Colleges in France

Top MIM Colleges in France

In today’s fast-paced world, where competition is at its peak, having a solid foundation of education is of utmost necessity since quality education separates an individual from the crowd. As much as the scope of Management studies has increased over the years, several Top MIM Colleges in France have started to offer Masters in Management for students across the globe. 

Since you are graduating, it is time for you to choose the best possible curriculum for your masters. We all dream to study our dream curriculum from an institution that will enhance our capabilities. Moreover, if we get conducive all-year weather conditions our ability to work harder will increase substantially. 

France is one of those countries where you will be able to study peacefully without being distracted. In addition to that, you will be able to gain a large network of connections. The global network spread across the globe will help you gather more job opportunities in the future. Universities

5 Top MIM Colleges in France

HEC Paris

One of the finer educational institutions available in France (as well as in Europe) offering a 2 years full-time Masters Program in Management. It ranks first in our list of Top MIM Colleges in France.


HEC ranks No. 2 amongst all other major management programs across Europe. Bloomberg Businessweek ranked HEC as their No. 11th. In 2017, The Economist ranked it as their 15th. Thereafter, in the year 2018, HEC ranked No. 3 in the QS Global MBA Rankings in the year 2018.  


This management program is divided into two phases – one is the General Management (M1) phase and the other one is Specialization or the M2 phase with an optional gap year. 

During the General Management phase (M1) you will be taught – 

  • Core courses form the basics of business management; &
  • Elective Courses includes a detailed analysis of subjects like Finance, Economics, International Business, Human Resources, Social Responsibility, Sustainable Development, Marketing etc. 

During your Specialization Phase (M2), you will be optimized in view of your preferences and abilities. You will have over 20 specializations to choose from. The specialized curriculum will have 40 ECTS credits with a research paper of 20 ECTS credits.


There will be a pool of 250 international students coming from 60+ nationalities. The requisite GMAT score is 708. Every academic background is eligible. 

Career Prospects 

About 96% of the students get placement within 3 months from the end of this course with a whopping average salary of over 60, 000 euros. You will get an opportunity to land yourself with a job at 5 job fairs conducted by the college campus. 

Special Features

One of the added advantages that you are most likely to receive is the option to get a double degree from this university and another one at the same time. Students will get opportunities to learn by working with various companies and understand business strategies from ‘Live Cases’. 

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Fee structure 

The total fee structure is around 40 thousand Euros which will be divided into two installments. The rest of the monthly expenses normally ranges up to 1000 Euros each month. 

ESSEC Business School

A two-year multi-campus program recognized by the French Government is offered here. It ranks second in our list of Top MIM Colleges in France.


  • Financial Times – Ranked No. 3rd in the world
  • The Economist – ranked No. 4 across the globe 


You will have 47 specializations to choose from. You can personalize your curriculum from trimester 2 onwards. After the completion of the first 10 compulsory core modules, you can choose to stay anywhere else other than on the campus if you choose to do so. 

You will get options of over 200+ elective subjects to choose from. The ESSEC program supports students in preparing themselves for the hard job market by providing them with apprenticeship and internship opportunities. 

Career Prospects  

On average, the pass-outs of this institution fetch around 55 to 72 thousand Euro packages as their salary to start their careers. With a whopping 98% employment rate and an average salary of 60 thousand euros and above, this is clearly a top of the line business school for you to attend.  

Special Feature  

You will be able to choose from 105 partner universities to fetch yourself a double degree. Plus, you can choose to spend a semester or two in one of those partner universities where you are fetching your second degree from. 

Fee Structure  

If we combine everything for non-EU nationals then the total amount would come to around 75 to 80 thousand Euros/pounds. However, you are eligible for scholarships, loans, student jobs and apprenticeship to support your fees.

ESCP Business School

One of the three premium schools for management studies in France with a two-year program and a 99% placement rate. This school reeks of truly international touch with loads of extra-curricular activities so that you can bond with students across all nationalities and ethnicities. It ranks third in our list of Top MIM Colleges in France.


  • Financial Times ranking – No. 5th
  • QS Business Masters Ranking – No. 9th


The 1st year comprises “Core courses” of ‘Intercultural’ management studies with one specialisation. There are of course language classes to go along with that. You get to do Internships and/or Apprenticeships. 

The 2nd year comprises two specialization papers (One for each semester). Plus, you can choose your electives from a pool of 140 options. 

Special Feature  

There is a location rotation policy which gives you the options to stay and pursue the course from any of its campuses.  

Like the most top of the line business schools, you can pursue a double degree from a pool of 130 partner universities. 

Career Prospect 

A real advantage for you when you go job hunting because you will graduate with a minimum of 10 months experience. With a booming 62% track record of students cracking jobs BEFORE they graduate, this college is surely top of the line. 

Your average starting salary would be around 50 thousand Euros annually. The curriculum is set in such an optimized manner that you are bound to land yourself a job because on an average more than 98% of its students do.

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Fee Structure  

For non-EU students, the fees would be just a little ahead of 21 thousand Euros, with a non-refundable application fee of 180 euros. Your living costs would vary somewhere between 1300 to 1400 euros. 


An erudite school for business management with excellence for over 60 years now! The Director of the Master in Management says in his column that this 14 to 16 months program will make you innovative in your approach with a nack to solve problems. So if you want to do a Masters in Management from France, then you should try for this business school. It ranks fourth in our list of Top MIM Colleges in France.


Interestingly, INSEAD has divided the entire programme into 5 periods, each lasting for 8 weeks. At the end of one period, you will have to face an exam and apply your knowledge into real-life work scenarios where you will understand the practicality of management. 

These 8 week periods are further subdivided into two parts. 

  • The first part comes with a 5-week haul for academics & workshops. There are 12 core subjects to learn from with compulsory 10+ elective subjects you can choose from a pool of elective subjects. 
  • And the second block of two weeks for real-life work experience. The last week will be your evaluation time. 

At the end of it all, you are most likely to receive 5 to 6 months of real-time working experience which will take you higher up in job preferences. 

Career Prospect  

The faculty at INSEAD believes in the three A’s – Assess, Aim and Accelerate. The Career Development Centre works with hundreds of companies and you are bound to land yourself a job eventually. Career counseling coaches will always be there for swift consultation. You will be provided with an Employer Engagement Specialist who will help you understand nuances about the job market on an individual basis. 

Fee Structure 

The total fees for this program are 47,500 euros. But excellent financing programs like ‘International Loan Programme’ by Prodigy Finance and a financing scheme by ‘Brain Capital’ will help you through your financing issues.  Otherwise, merit and need-based scholarship programs are also available. Universities

EDHEC Business School

A top-tier business school that thought it best to divide its two year Masters in Management Curriculum into three broad heads – MiM Global Economic Transformation & Technology, MiM Financial Economics and MiM Business Management.

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  • Financial Times, 2019 – Top 15 in a list of European Business Schools. 
  • Masters in Finance Ranking – No. 3 in 2018


At the end of this curriculum, you are going to get two degrees, one in Masters in Management and another in Masters of Science. There will be a total of 13 subjects divided into a set of 8 subjects for Masters in Management from France and the rest of 5 for the Master of Science program. 

The division of subjects and the overall approach of the curriculum will help you achieve specialised skills for a brighter future. 

Career Prospect 

Around 88 % of graduates work internationally. The job opportunities are lucrative and rewarding. 

Fee Structure 

This one to the two-year program comes with a fee structure of about 17 to 22 lakhs and a yearly food & lodging expenses would be somewhere around 4 lakh rupees. However, there are 4 different scholarships available for students and they will cover an amount ranging somewhere from 8 to 15 lakhs worth of tuition fees. 


There may be hundreds of colleges spread across France and the whole of Europe. Your life will change forever in those french streets. Moreover, the tuition fee rates are comparatively reasonable in comparison to other parts of Europe. France’s apprenticeship and internship opportunities are world-class too and it will help you build a solid career. According to QS Best Student Cities in 2014, France ranks at the top. Your business management oriented career will reach its peak in France because it is practically a business hub. Additionally, if you are able to learn French from the French, then you can definitely do your Masters in Management from France.

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