Why is Ireland a Great Destination for Higher Education?

Why is Ireland a Great Destination for Higher Education?

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With the ever-increasing numbers of Indian students in Ireland, the country is emerging as one of the top destinations for Indian students to pursue higher education.

It is recognized for being situated in the heart of the Euro-zone. Ireland instruments a wholesome adventure for the international students, combining the experience of higher education with unique historical heritage. Moreover, Ireland has always remained a particular preference among the Indian students. It is an English-speaking nation and provides high-quality education at reasonable expenses, compared to other countries like the USA and UK. 

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Well, a substantial amount of rationales await you as you continue reading about why Ireland is one of the top choices for international students to pursue higher education.

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Let’s dive in.


Compared to other international destinations, Ireland offers a quality education at a more economical educational fee. Apart from the tuition being cheaper than other countries, Irish education institutes also provide several financial aid programs. Ireland’s Trinity College Dublin offers the aid of €5,000 to the undergraduate students based on economic status. The University College Dublin offers a range of scholarships. These are based on merit, country of origin, and financial position of the parent/guardian. The Galway’s National University of Ireland offers €2,750 to undergraduate and postgraduate students on merit scholarships. The National College of Ireland provides financial aid up to €2,950 for their master’s programs and €2,000 for the undergrad courses.

On average, the tuition for the most sought-after bachelor’s and master’s courses ranges from €15,000 to €50,000, depending on the course you’re pursuing. Comprehensive courses like medicine and engineering are on the higher side, and shorter courses are pretty cheaper. 

Ireland provides generous scholarships to Indian students who are looking forward to pursuing education abroad in Ireland. The scholarships approximately assist the students with €10,000 per year, which eventually make education affordable for the Indian students in Ireland.

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Ireland ranks among the top 10 countries in the Global Peace Indices. This eventually makes it one of the safest countries around the globe. According to a survey conducted by the Big 7 Travel, Cork and Dublin were ranked 17th and 6th friendliest cities in the world, respectively.

The UN’s annual Human Development Index ranks Ireland in the 3rd position regarding the quality of life. It ranks the Irish citizen the 2nd best in the world. Moreover, Ireland is ranked 7th as the safest country for a woman in the EU. Hence, this makes it one of the most suitable places for students.

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Compared to US and UK universities, Irish educational institutions don’t require students to submit GRE scores before enrollment. Irish Universities like Trinity and UCD accept Indian students without a GRE score. Such courses need you to write GRE examinations in other countries. 

Thus, if you want to apply to any Irish university, an excellent academic score from IELTS, TOFEL, or PTE is all you need. Almost all Irish universities do not require GRE and GMAT. 


The Irish government maintains an excellent academic facility in Ireland. It does so via the National Framework of Qualifications (NFF) prospect, which keeps the quality of education uniform irrespective of the institute. 

Ireland is known for its most pursued master’s degree courses. These include courses in Computer Science, IT, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Management, and Business Analytics, ranking amidst the top 10 globally. Moreover, graduating from these particularly mentioned MS degrees heightens your employment probability. For instance, one out of every ten students in Ireland turns out to be an international student. 

Top universities and colleges of Ireland such as Trinity College, National University of Ireland, Dublin City University, Dublin Institute of Technology, and University College Cork constitute a significant percentage of the worldwide research institutes. Further, pursuing disciplines like social science, natural science, humanities, and healthcare will help the undergraduates and graduates sail towards innovative research programs driven by life-changing opportunities. Certain well-known personalities like John Bell, Ernest Walton, James Joyce, and Oscar Wilde have remained an integral outcome of the Irish curriculum.

Moreover, Irish education also supports the students working part-time. The Irish education system allows you to work for 20 hours per week during your academic sessions and 40 hours per week during May, June, July, August, and mid-December to mid-January. Thus, after completing your academic degree, you can also opt for employment opportunities under the Irish Third Level Graduate Scheme for non-EU third-level graduates.


Ireland for higher education provides international graduates with abundant opportunities in their field of employment. Ireland’s research facilities are one of the primary contributing reasons why the nation caters to such perfect employment figures.  

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Ireland is established with more than 1000 multi-national companies with nine global ICT companies, top 8 global pharmaceutical enterprises, topmost six diagnostic centers, eight popular gaming companies, and top 15 organizations catering to medical devices or types of equipment. Moreover, Ireland also constitutes 50% of the world’s leading financial services firms. Thus, it welcomes the globally proclaimed organizations such as Google, PayPal, Intel, Apple, EA Games, Pfizer, LinkedIn, and Twitter to set up work stations in the country. One can thus apply for these organizations after the completion of their courses in Ireland for higher education.

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Ireland for higher education has always been one of the most preferred options for Indian students to pursue a broad education. Ireland’s excellent education system, affordable expenses, and rich culture make it a suitable option for Indian students to complete advanced education and pursue work opportunities. So, if you’re planning to study in Ireland and looking for student accommodation, University Living is the right place to start your search. It is a global student housing platform that provides excellent stay options to students going abroad.

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