ADW scholarship – 2021

ADW scholarship – 2021

The ADW scholarship is introduced by the department of Adi Dravidar/ tribal welfare and the backward classes welfare, Tamil Nadu. Further, the Adi Dravidar/Tribal population are the prime focus of this scholarship. The Adi Dravidar/ tribal people are a socially backward and poverty-stricken section of society. Hence, the ADW scholarship aims to uplift them and give them a chance to integrate into the mainstream.

These people not only lack finances but also lack opportunities and resources. Thus, the ADW scholarship covers several schemes that grant multiple assets along with the school fee. Not only that, but the project also led to the opening of schools, especially for the Adi Dravidar/ tribal community. Further, this scheme covers students from the 4th standard to college.

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The assets the ADW welfare association provides through the ADW scholarship are textbooks, notebooks, bicycles for students (male) whose school is at a distance greater than 5km, fees, etc.

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Objectives of ADW Scholarship

The main objectives of this scholarship are:

  • To provide grants, concessions, and incentives to the school going children of the Adi Dravida and tribal communities and the SC/ST converted to Christianity.
  • Grant unique rewards for promoting and encouraging the training of women.
  • Award chief minister prizes (of Rs. 3000 per year for five years) to the high achievers in higher secondary school examinations to appreciate and encourage them. It is applicable for candidates pursuing higher studies and has attempted public examinations.
  • Promote job-oriented learning and production.
  • Assist law students in starting their career. An amount of Rs.50,000 is given as first-time assistance to cover the rent, cost of books, furniture, etc. and provided that the candidate has registered himself/herself in the Bar Council of India.
  • Promote harmony between communities and remove untouchability.
  • Provide free burial grounds and house sites to poor and homeless families of Adi Dravidars and tribals.
  • To grant admission to bright candidates in reputed schools and assist with the residence.

This scheme’s most significant outcome is that they have successfully started 131 Adi Dravidar welfare schools with 11635 students currently enrolled in them. Also, they have established 54 Adi Dravidar welfare hostels supporting 3543 students.

Eligibility for ADW Scholarship

To avail of the benefits of the ADW scholarship, you have to satisfy the eligibility criteria that include the following:

  • The candidate should belong to either Scheduled Caste or Scheduled Tribe or an SC/ST Christian convert to benefit from this scheme.
  • The candidate’s parental income should be less than Rs.2- Rs.2.5 lakh per annum.
  • Candidates studying in 4th standard to college students can apply for this scholarship.
  • For availing of a bicycle, the male candidate’s school should be farther than 5 km from home. While for the female candidate, there is no restriction on distance.

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How to apply for ADW Scholarship

To apply for the ADW scholarship, follow these steps:

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Grants or Benefits from the ADW Scholarship

  • This scholarship provides the following benefits to the applicants.
  • Textbooks are free for all the candidates studying from class 4th to 12th.
  • Textbooks and educational books are free of cost for students of the Adi Dravidar welfare schools and tribal residential schools.  
  • Also, four sets of uniforms are free of cost for all schools from class 4th to 12th.
  • Bicycles are provided to male and female students of 11th and 12th grade and of any school, provided that the school should be 5km and farther from home for male students. While for female students, there is no restriction on the distance of the school from home.

Self-declaration form for the scholarship

Fee, Concession, and Incentives

The ADW welfare selects students of the 5th standard based on merit for admission into reputed schools with the exemption of fees. As for deserving students, there is no income parental income limit.

For scholarships for IX and Xth graders, the parental income should be less than Rs.2 lakh per annum. For day scholars, the ADW scholarship grants an amount of Rs.2250, while for hostellers, Rs.4500 into the bank account per student per year. Further, they select ten outstanding students who achieve the highest marks in their 10th grade from each district among 320 students for reputable colleges or institutes. Also, they claim to take care of the residence of these students. The process of selecting the students is based on the marks and a test conducted by the association.

For post-metric scholarship, the day scholars are transferred an amount of Rs.230 to Rs.550 per month while Rs.380 to Rs.1200 are credited for hostellers. This amount depends on the selected course of study. Further, the amount is paid even for those students who are pursuing their education from self-financed colleges. They also have set up a book bank for engineering, law, MBA, veterinary, medical, polytechnic, and agriculture students. If the book bank is not set up in a particular district, then the Adi Dravidar welfare Association will buy and provide them for the deserving students.

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Additionally, the undergraduate and post-graduate students pursuing a degree from government-aided institutions for arts and science are exempted from paying the special fee and the examination fee without the income ceiling.

All the children whose parents are engaged in scavenging, tanning, sweeping, etc., irrespective of the community, religion, and income.

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In conclusion, there are opportunities for those who seek them. Make use of this scheme and build a bright future for yourself and for the generations to come.

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