How to take direct admission in MBBS?

How to take direct admission in MBBS?

It was very convenient to take MBBS direct admission in India before the NEET-UG entry exam was introduced. The candidate must have the minimum requirements for qualifying and the candidate can contribute directly by paying the fees.

But now, the process for taking MBBS is very long. The introduction of direct entry in India requires several moves.

The steps of the procedure are given below and are explained thoroughly after that:

  1. Qualify the NEET-UG entrance exam.
  2. Register for the state counselling.
  3. Document verification procedure.
  4. First-round counselling.
  5. Second Round counselling.
  6. MOP-UP Round.
  7. Direct admission.
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Step 1: Qualify NEET-UG Entrance Exam

The first and significant move is to apply to register for the test for the NEET-UG entrance test.

Now the next question that comes to the candidate’s mind is, Is it possible to get direct admission to MBBS without NEET?

The response is NO, direct admission to MBBS without NEET is not possible.

The candidate must apply for the NEET test to be able to obtain admission to any medical college in India or even abroad.

The candidate has to apply for NEET even though the candidate wants to get MBBS admission abroad.

Step 2: Register for State Counselling

The candidate has to attend the counselling carried out by the state authorities or central government, i.e. the MCC, now that the candidate has registered for the test.

If the candidate wants to do MBBS in Uttar Pradesh, then the candidate has to apply for the UP state therapy authority’s counselling.

In the case of Karnataka, the candidate must register with KEA. The counselling procedures of colleges in their respective states are the responsibility of the state authorities and MCC is responsible for the counselling process of Deemed Universities and 50 per cent of AQI of all the country’s government medical colleges.

However, some states invite students from all over the country to enrol in their private medical schools for the therapy procedures, and some states do not. Each state has its counselling.

If the candidate is going to take direct membership, is it appropriate to attend the counselling?

The candidate has to enrol, of course, and attend the counselling procedures as well. First of all, when applying in the counselling process, the candidate has to lock the candidate options and pursue on merit.

Important: If the candidate has not attended the full counselling procedure, then the candidate would not be eligible in either state for direct entry to MBBS.

Step 3: Document Verification

There will be a method of record authentication either via online or offline mode following the registration. The therapy authority would ask students to come to various centres in the state to check their documentation in the offline mode, while certain required documents listed on the website must be submitted in the online mode.

The candidate must bring all the initial papers, which will be cross-checked by the officials and send the candidate a proof slip.

In a few states, applicants may also make an appeal to the government as protection for a draft of 1 lakh or 2 lakh rupees, which would be refunded to the bank account during the counselling procedures.

Now, most of the operations left are going to be online.

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Step 4: First Counselling

The first and second counselling will be online.  With the candidate email credentials, the candidate has to log in to the portal.

After that, in descending order, the candidate must choose the college of the candidate choosing. The candidate has to lock and apply the options after picking them.

Then comes the first outcome of counselling. If any seats have been assigned to the candidate, so the candidate will see that now. If not, so the candidate has to go to the 2nd therapy session.

Step 5: Second Counseling

The same process in the first round of counselling applies here. If the candidate cannot win MBBS seats in the second round, the candidate will attend the MOP-UP round.

Step 6: MOP-UP Round

This round is offline in most of India’s states. Vacant seats during the second round will be made available in the MOP-UP round for students present at the counselling centre. Center. Center. However, some states like Karnataka are running MopUp online mode.

Didn’t the candidate even get MBBS entry into the MOP-UP round? Now comes the portion of the direct entry.

Step 7: Direct Admission to MBBS

The remaining or empty seats shall be moved to the administration and the offline vacancy round shall be administered by the college. We will help the candidate lead the candidate through the whole process and protect the candidate’s seat.


The candidate will not be considered for direct entry to MBBS until the candidate enrols and attend all rounds of counselling.


Q1. Is it possible to take direct admission in MBBS without NEET?

No, it is impossible to take direct admission in MBBS without NEET.

Even if the candidate wants to join MBBS abroad, then qualifying for the NEET exam is mandatory.

Q2. How to choose the right MBBS College?

There are hundreds of medical colleges in India, and it’s not easy to pick the right one for the candidate.

Below is a checklist that makes it easy for the candidate to find the candidate’s right private MBBS college.

Here is a brief first of all about choosing a medical college.

  • College with proper affiliations and approvals.
  • College with great patient exposure.
  • Medical college with great faculties.
  • The college must have the latest equipment.
  • Affordable tuition and extra fees.

Affiliations & Approvals

The college must be affiliated with a renowned university and must also be accredited by the Indian Medical Council or the MCI.

More than 20 colleges lost their MCI certification last year. Please go to the official MCI website before the candidate enters the college.

Patient Exposure

The primary task of a doctor is to treat patients. Therefore, to have medication or professional experience, the college must have outstanding sensitivity to the patient.

There must be enough patients for the pupils, and the candidate must inquire about the patient-student ratio.


The candidate must also have a good understanding of the head of each department from which the candidate will be studying.

The college must have the best faculties, especially in the clinical departments.

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Technologies & Equipment        

The medical college would use the new facilities and technology for the care of patients.

This will brief the candidate on the emerging developments used in the healthcare field.

Tuition fees and Extra Fees

Most medical colleges in India charge any concealed costs. The candidate must have a good understanding of the additional costs before the candidate enters any course.

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