MD in US – Eligibility, Fees, and More

MD in US – Eligibility, Fees, and More

Life after MBBS can take many turns and can land you in varied career prospects, but you’re looking to do your masters and that too in the US? Is pursuing MD in US a good idea? How tough is it? What is the eligibility criterion? After completing MBBS a student has many choices to get their MD in, which college is best for them in a country that has state of the art technology to provide the future pillars of the society the right education?

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NameDoctor of Medicine (MD)
Duration of Course4 years (7-9 years along with pre-med school and license)
EligibilityThe required MCAT and NEET score
English proficiencyRequired
Admission criteriaEntrance-based
Average Annual Tuition fee18,442 USD to 64,984 USD
  • Do your PhD from abroad

Exams required for MD in US

Sure India is one of the leading education factories for producing doctors every year but how many are actually on a global scale? Now, there are two ways of pursuing MD in the US after MBBS. They first way being that after MBBS you write SAT and MCAT to be eligible to apply in universities for MD in US (make sure you have a bachelor’s in science) then go through 4 years of medical school, then pass your USMLE exams and find residency along with the niche.

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Pass part 3 of USMLE to be able to get full fledged residency, get your board certification and voilà! You finally have your license to practise and your MD.

So, here’s a brief about MCAT and USMLE:


The Medical College Admission Test or MCAT is a standardized test that evaluates a student’s preparedness for Medical College. It is a multiple-choice, computer-based test that helps in the evaluation of students who passed their 4-year undergraduate program, also called the pre-med term.


USMLE or United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) is three-levelled screening test that decides whether you are capable of practising your license in a health care centre or not. As said, USMLE focuses on how much you have learnt, adapted and honed your skills from the practical aspect and not knowledge-based.

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List of Top MD in US Colleges

To study MD in US, you need to apply for universities out there after clearing your MCAT exam. Hence, you need to match your scores and select the best institute for you. Here’s a list of top colleges for MD and MPH in the US:

Name of the collegePlace
Harvard UniversityBoston
University of CaliforniaLos Angeles (UCLA)
John Hopkins UniversityBaltimore
Stanford UniversityStanford
Columbia UniversityNew York
University of Pennsylvania (Perelman)Philadelphia
University of CaliforniaSan Francisco

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria required to apply for MD in US is pretty simple and resonates to other US programs. Hence, they are as follows:

  • Should have completed 10th and 12th class
  • Need to do a “pre-medical course” i.e., Bachelor of Science degree in biology, chemistry or other medicine related subjects.
  • MCAT and NEET test scores ranging IELTS score 6.5 to 7.0 and TOEFL score 90 to 100

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Note:  Students are advised to score more than 510 marks in the MCAT entrance exam to have a chance of getting a medical college. Even though MCAT does not have a fixed minimum score limit, 510 is considered a decent average score. MCAT score should not be older than 4 years.

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Documents Required for MD in US

How to Get Admission?

  • We understand that such a long procedure for USMLE after MBBS may sound excruciating but hey we’ve got your back , if you’re someone who has the knack to learn quick and can ace tests, this alternative method is going to help you reach the goal faster. The US provides a course called MPH (Masters in Public Health) which is one of the most popular courses amongst Indian students after MBBS.
  • By taking admission into MPH in the country, many students use this time period to appear for their clinical exams and in the end, you will have two degrees, one clinical after residency, i.e. MD and other non-clinical such as MPH or you can even opt for a diploma in Public Health before beginning your residency for MD in USA.
  • Of course taking this course comes at a cost (surely not your soul). The cost of MPH is higher than pursuing the 4 year Medical course and that you need to make sure you can ace and clear all three parts of USMLE at once. Yes, there’s no escape from exams even if you pay more. It’s just a faster process.

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Advantages of Doing MD in US

Yes, one wants to study medicine and aspire to become a doctor, but what’s in it for us to do MD in US? What are the added benefits of doing that program? Let us bullet some of those benefits down. Some of the major advantages of taking this route to opt for MD in US are:

  • You can avail networking opportunities in the medical arena in the country.
  • While studying MPH, you can take a break for one semester at the onset of completing your first year of this program and then during this time, complete your clerkship which is mandatory to get residency for MD in USA.
  • It will allow you to get a 5-year student visa to study in USA and this will help you take the right passage until you clear the USMLE-3.
  • If you come across any issues during the process of getting residency for MD in USA, then the public health degree can help you explore career prospects and cover your living costs.
  • Do your PhD from abroad


After all this discussion, is studying MD in the US when worth it? The salary of a basic family doctor in the US is around $145000 a year. I’m sure a little conversation tab would make your eyes sparkle. But yes it’s not always about the money, it’s also about the passion and dedication. To conclude, yes, we want best doctors who are passionate about their work so we want such doctors to also be paid fair.

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